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Welches sind die populärsten CRM-Tools in US-amerikanischen IT-Landschaften?



Boardview, eine amerikanische MarTech-Consulting COMPANY, hat 110 US-amerikanische IT-Landschaften (Stackies) analysiert.

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“Let the ‘Voice of MarTech’ begin

Over the last three years (2015-2017), 92 companies sent in 110 marketing technology stacks to compete for the Stackies Awards. Time to update our blog post of 2015: 3 Things You Can Learn From 21 MarTech Stacks. We analyzed 110 stacks in total, which was, as you can imagine, quite a task. But a rewarding one.

We embarked upon a quest to find out exactly which vendors were used by these companies’ marketing technology stacks. We mapped those vendors against the famous Marketing Technology Landscape. We mapped the tools from the stackies against the MarTech categories and Sub-categories.” …

“Here are the 5 things we discovered.

#1. Which vendors are most popular?

The 10 most often popular vendors are.

76%   Google Analytics
65%   Linkedin
62%   Twitter
61%   Facebook
61%   Salesforce
52%   Wordpress
50%   Google Adwords
38%   Youtube
34%   Marketo
34%   Slack

• In 110 MarTech stacks combined, 785 unique vendors are mentioned.

• All stacks combined have 2623 vendor mentions.

◦ 484 vendors are mentioned only once, which is 61% of the total.

◦ 652 vendors are mentioned three times or less, which is 83% of the total.

• In 110 stacks, no less than 76% of stacks use Google Analytics.

• Only Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, WordPress and Google Adwords are used in more than half of all stacks.

• The top 56 most popular vendors, which together make up only 7.13% of the total number vendors, are mentioned more often than the bottom 729 vendors, which make up 92.87%.

• The stacks are made up of 23.8 tools on average, ranging from 42 for the stack Microsoft sent in, to the 7 tools Informatica and Schneider Electric used to craft their stack.

In this graph, we’ve only show the tools that surfaced five times or more in the stackies. Mentioning all tools including the ones mentioned just once, would result in a long-tail seven times longer! Anyone in for printing a wall paper?”

Die weiteren 4 Fragen waren:

#2. Which MarTech categories are most popular?

#3. Which MarTech tools are most popular in each category?

#4. Which MarTech sub-categories are most popular?

#5. Which MarTech tools are most popular in each sub-category?

— Read on boardview.io/blog/popular-martech-marketing-technology-tools-according-to-110-stackies/


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