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About us

CRM-Tech.World keeps you up-to-date on the topics of software application, implementation and selection, user experience, leadership management, data quality, and project management. Whether technical articles, best practice examples, expert tips or checklists – all information is constantly updated.

Behind the technical expertise is the vendor-neutral management and technology consultancy 1A Relations GmbH as publisher. In addition to the topics mentioned above, the team also supports you in customer-oriented corporate development and process optimization.

The extraordinary USP of 1A Relations GmbH: The philosophy does not only consist of the classical technical-process-oriented consulting. It is perfectly complemented by the emotional communicative-human aspects! This synergy ensures maximum user acceptance and best possible use of the software.

The 1A Relations Team consists of 12 employees and our trainee. Our consultants have many years of software and technology expertise. In other words: Concentrated CRM competence.

Georg Blum, CEO and until 2019 for 15 years member of the board of the German Dialog Marketing Association, Chairman of the CRM Council and lecturer at various universities shares the management with Dagmar Tillich-Schmidt, COO+CHRO. She is an International Business Coach and has over 15 years of management and sales experience.

Here you can find the customer list of 1A Relations GmbH.
Here you can find reference cases of 1A Relations GmbH.


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