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Is your software "the best" CRM software?

We don’t usually ask this question. Because there is no such thing as THE ONE CRM. 

Gartner likes to declare that whoever appears at the top right of the Magic Quadrant is super. Unfortunately, this representation is not useful for a decision for or against a CRM software. This position should not be a decision criterion.

In software selection projects, what counts for us is the question: What are the requirement criteria for customer management?

Our consulting approach: 100% neutral for a perfectly fitting software for our customers.

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Vendor comparisons and landscapes

We, the team of 1A Relations GmbH, have made it our business to make the landscapes of CRM tools transparent. Our job is to collect and process this wealth of information. This takes place in lists, tables and our Landscapes.

Scott Brinker started creating the global MarTech landscape in 2011. We started in 2019 with the German CRM Landscape. The list of Landscapes has since been expanded to include the Marketing Automation Landscape, the ERP/CRM Landscape, the Collaboration Landscape, the E-Commerce Landscape, and the Address and Data Quality Landscape. Our team is always doing this exciting job and constantly updating the existing Landscapes.

Missing a product on our Landscapes? Feel free to contact us.

Ausschnitt CRM-Anbietervergleich

Our Landscapes at a glance







Address/data quality


Marketing Automation




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Contributions for Software Vendors

Service quality

Strategies for more service quality

“Service” and “Quality” are the magic words that most companies hope will lead to satisfied customers and increased sales and profits. Today, success depends more

Summary of the German CRM Forum 2023

There were over 200 participants on site. Lively discussions right from the start showed the willingness to exchange, network and learn. What were my impressions

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    How can you present yourself and your product as a software provider on CRM-TECH.WORLD?

    There are numerous ways to present yourself and your software at CRM-TECH.WORLD.

    We have our German software landscapes and the various vendor comparisons.

    We always take a close look at software and report on it in our product and vendor portraits.

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    Feel free to make an appointment with us to talk about these and other opportunities.

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    Quite simply, our goal is to bring users together with the right software providers.

    On our portal you will find everything about CRM and CX. Articles on the topics of software application, implementation and selection, user experience, leadership management, data and address quality, and project management. You wouldn’t want to miss out here, would you?

    For us, a holistic view of customer relationship management is important. That’s why we also talk about IT landscapes, IT infrastructure or IT landscapes in the context of customer relationship management.
    Some important building blocks, topics and special tools in connection with CRM are:

    • ERP
    • E-commerce
    • Address and data quality
    • Collaboration
    • Project management
    • E-mail marketing
    • Marketing, sales and service automation
    • Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Configurators (CPQ)
    • Archive and document management
    • Office integration of GSuite or Microsoft Office 365, Excel or other plug-ins
    • Customer loyalty programs

    In our vendor comparisons, we focus on German-speaking vendors.

    We currently have the following landscapes and comparisons on our specialist portal:

    A CRM comparison across multiple criteria is not easy. Again and again market competitors try it. Our focus is on market knowledge. We refuse a detailed comparison of entire software products. There are simply too many peculiarities and specialties in each company that can play a role. We always tailor a CRM software comparison individually to our customers.

    Every consultant approaches the topic of CRM software selection a little differently. We have refined our method more and more in the last years due to the feedback of our customers.

    In a selection consulting project we are 100% neutral, i.e. we do not receive any commission from the vendor or service provider.

    In the last few years we have carried out over 100 projects on software selection, software implementation and software usage and application. Always the goal was to define as well as to create a CRM system or even an IT infrastructure that will be valid for several years in the future. It was also about a solution getting building blocks that with changes in requirements, business model adaptations, does not mean a blockade. For years and nowadays, in consulting, we have to make sure that the solution fits the customer’s business and can adapt to their requirements. Even in 2-3 years.

    Nothing works without a proper comparison!

    Even we cannot make a reliable recommendation without a detailed analysis and comparison. The requirements for a CRM system are too specific.

    To get a recommendation after 5 minutes of conversation. Some managers would like to have that. But we refuse such requests. It is simply not possible to make an investment decision from two or three sentences of description or a 1-page briefing.

    A comparison of the software is a much better basis for a decision.

    A decision – especially for small companies – “à la John Wayne” (that means “shot from the hip”) does not make sense.

    The usual suspects manufacturers of CRM software such as Salesforce, Microsoft DynamicsCRM, SugarCRM, Adobe or Marketo, Hubspot are not always the best CRM software. The long-term consequences of such a decision are far too serious for that. Our customer always gets the comparison of 3 or 4 suitable products or the comparison of whole CRM systems. The long list is often 6 to 8 manufacturers long.

    We facilitate the selection for customers and help them to get a first, neutral overview on the topic of CRM software selection. Also on the basis of the first German CRM Landscape! The first overview for CRM software and CRM systems – only for the German-speaking area.