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Summary of the German CRM Forum 2023



There were over 200 participants on site. Lively discussions right from the start showed the willingness to exchange, network and learn.

What were my impressions of the 2 days?

Simone Busemann from Targo-Bank described her journey to customer centricity. Accompanied by Jan-Eric Baars, we got insights into the measurement of a Customer Centricity score. Across several measurement points, Targo-Bank now sees how the CC score is developing. And, what became clear to everyone, many measures are being triggered. It’s not a marathon, it’s a journey to embark on, and it’s having a positive impact on leadership and culture.

Uwe Stuhldreier from huk24 in Coburg inspired me with two aspects: Every eMail that comes in and asks a question is a weakness of the website. Very pure, clear and direct he shows us the way of one of the most successful online insurances. He as one of the two board members is the excellent example why customer orientation and economic success come together: When management is the driver of customer orientation, it works. By the way – ask him about his growth diamond and the use of the insurance machine.

Steven van Belleghem also threw diamonds around. Different from Uwe Stuhldreier, but in the form of many beautiful examples. Probably the lasting image was the rhinos and their red-billed oxpeckers (the rhinos and the oxpecker). You name it.

Dr. Martin Zirkel and Sina Augustin presented study results that all hit one notch: Strengthening digitalization leads to customer loyalty, which in turn leads to greater economic strength. Yes, simply put, but how done? They had examples of that, too.

In the afternoon sessions, one sentence was very notable. Meaningfully, Nicole Witte of Seca, a manufacturer of scales and much more, said, “We developed a playbook of how sales will work in the future.” When asked how that was received by distribution, she replied, “Positively, there was little discussion. It worked quickly.” This shows that if marketing and sales cooperate well, then increasing success is very possible.

A good friend of the German CRM Forum, Robert Seeger, brought his daughter Sidonie this time. The traditional evening session on day 1 was about … target group thinking. How do you manage to attract the attention of young target groups? Because do they still listen to you? That is the quintessence of the lecture by Papa and daughter Seeger. Listening.

Part 2 of the review will be in the next newsletter.

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