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Is there "the best" CRM software?

NO, just as there is no such thing as THE one CRM. Is there even “the best” CRM software? Gartner likes to declare that whoever appears at the top right of the Magic Quadrant is super. Unfortunately, this representation is not useful for making a decision for or against CRM software. This position should not be a decision criterion.

Rather, the question is: What are the requirement criteria for customer management, from which the selection criteria for a CRM system or a CRM solution are then derived?

Further information:

We, the team of 1A Relations GmbH, have made it our task to make the landscapes of CRM tools transparent. Our job is to collect and process this wealth of information. This takes place in lists, tables and our landscapes. Scott Brinker started creating the global MarTech landscape in 2011. We started in 2019 with the German CRM Landscape. The list of Landscapes has since been expanded to include the Marketing Automation Landscape, the ERP/CRM Landscape, the Collaboration Landscape, the E-Commerce Landscape, and the Address and Data Quality Landscape. And our team keeps doing this exciting job. Every day we find new products or get tips on CRM tools or features. You can find more information about Customer Relationship Management on our CRM Vendor Comparison page with the German CRM Landscape, which is updated continuously. Go to the CRM vendor comparison.

Our Landscapes at a glance.







Address and data quality


Marketing Automation




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