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SAP Logo für das Exec Connect Event
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SAP CX Live: Exec Connect on 22.11.2023 in Berlin



We are kind of like truffle pigs or pearl divers. Always on the lookout for something special and new. Hence the trip to Berlin for SAP CX Exec Connect. A disclaimer to start with: We – 1A Relations GmbH – are 100% vendor-neutral. And now off we go.

The event was fully booked. All those invited – especially users – arrived on time. There was delicious food at the reception. So we were well fortified and ready to go.

When SAP CX Exec Connect was launched, the SAP Strategic Value Proposition provided orientation – it is formulated as follows:

The SAP value proposition is based on four pillars1:

  • Industry tailored: SAP offers industry-specific solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of each industry.
  • Connected: SAP solutions are seamlessly integrated with each other to ensure smooth business operations.
  • Insightful: SAP solutions provide insights into business processes and enable companies to make informed decisions.
  • Adaptive: SAP solutions adapt to the changing needs of organizations, enabling them to remain flexible and agile.

Good statements in Kai Stübane’s interview with Sven Denecken

What I really liked at the start of SAP CX Exec Connect was Kai Stübane’s interview with Sven Denecken. Why? Almost no buzzwords, but clear, precise, tangible statements:

  • One-Office instead of front and back office: SAP is focusing on an industry-specific CX strategy that concentrates on the integration of front and back office2.
  • SAP has set itself the goal of transforming data ego systems into data eco systems1.
  • Joule, the co-pilot as Microsoft calls it, is called Joule at SAP and is an important part of SAP’s CX strategy. It is a digital assistant based on artificial intelligence that helps users to do their work more efficiently2.
  • SAP attaches great importance to security and resilience when implementing artificial intelligence1.
  • SAP sees interaction with customers as an important part of its CX strategy.

SAP’s CX strategy

SAP’s CX strategy is focused on delivering a world-class customer experience based on five core principles1:

  • Personalization:

Every customer contact must be perfectly tailored to the person on the other end.

  • Trust:

An impressive CX starts with a solid foundation of collected customer data.

  • Empathy:

Caring emphatically about customers, listening and taking care of their needs is paramount in customer experience management.Timing: Modern technology enables companies to create value for customers in real time and deliver it at the right moment.

  • Engagement:

Engaged employees create engaged customers.

SAP CX Exec Connect also delivered on this claim.

The presentations by Cliff Reichardt (Coveo), Martin Zirkel (KPMG), Robert Geppert, Swapna Phadke-Virkar (Mercedes) and Jona Buss (EY) were framed by clearly defined Use cases for B2B and B2C prove that SAP is once again at the forefront.

Finally, I would like to praise two things.

  1. The coffee case:
  • The desired coffee was ordered via barcode and personalized. With the second order, you were greeted personally and asked whether you wanted another espresso or a different drink, with or without a kick (caffeine). At the end, you were shown all your orders in a neatly prepared receipt.
  • I deliberately spoke to the barista, who confirmed that this support was a great relief for him. I.e. not only an improvement for the customer, but also for the employee.

2. The whole event was extremely interactive. Especially because the team came up with a quiz that constantly challenged participants to pay attention and think. As a participant, you could see your place on the list at any time.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the evening program of the SAP CX Exec Connect with Jan Frodeno. The feedback on Jan and the evening was definitely extremely positive. If you missed him, you can still watch a very well-made portrait video or the video of his Hawaii farewell here.

Update on the subject of Joule:

Oh dear, I forgot about the introduction of “Joule”, the new AI helper from SAP CX.

It was still in my notes. That’s how it is with writing, copying into WP, customizing … and poof … Joule was missing.

I think names are very good (despite the different meaning). As always with names, it should sound nice, be international, easy to remember, etc., and it does. – And it does. (Perhaps precisely because the other meaning still exists)

And the benefit: This has already become clear from the few examples.

Here is the PR release for more information.

Conclusion: a great event – to be connected

With events such as those in Berlin and Zurich, SAP offered its customers the opportunity to discuss on a direct level in order to develop successful CX strategies1. Exec Connect, in other words.

More about SAP, as always on our SAP page.


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