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LeadLab brings leads via the B2B website and scales sales & marketing in the process



Summary – at a Glance: LeadLab’s USP is …

a. LeadLab identifies companies visiting a B2B website by name.

b. Testing pays off. The leads from the testing phase are a gift, because testing already shows very quickly what levers are in this tool.
c. Without LeadLab, just 2% of visitors to a B2B website become visible. 98% leave the B2B website without making contact – LeadLab confidently closes this gap.
d. It can be used on the website as well as on the webshop.
e. One tool, but 2 levers:

  • It is not just a tool, but a complete solution that a company gets. In one term: “Effective lead management” incl. service to start and expand to your own effective use of the tool. The service offered is what makes the tool complete.
  • LeadLab not only leads to more leads, but with the knowledge about the visitors it is also a B2B investment in own growth. A personalized solution, which maps sales & marketing strategies of companies individually.

f. It is a software from Germany. It is DSGVO or data protection compliant.
g. After a short time you can recognize the real potential new customers – Less is more.
h. Any company operating worldwide in B2B can benefit from it quickly and effectively.
i. Conclusion: An investment that pays off quickly.

LeadLab – what is it specifically about?

We are always looking for pearls, i.e. special tools in the market. My search for a tool that can analyze and identify web page visits was the starting point. That’s when I found what I was looking for at WiredMinds. In the first conversation it became clear: WiredMinds has been around for a few years (I’ve known them since 2008) and can do a lot more, or rather, a lot of new things have been done. That’s why we’re looking at the LeadLab product today.
Many companies are literally craving for leads. With LeadLab, companies get more transparency in the topic of lead acquisition and processing. LeadLab crystallizes the best, most potential leads that visit a website using a sophisticated filter system. Conversely, “junk” is quickly filtered out. This increases the sales-active time and increases conversion, e.g. because there is much more clarity about the visitor’s interests. How this works and what is special about it, we show in the article.

Target group of the tool

The B2B focus is right at the top. The higher the quality of the shopping cart or the subsequent order value, the more suitable the support provided by LeadLab from WiredMinds. This means that mechanical engineering, IT, project business or similar business models are particularly suitable.

Why B2B? Because DSGVO-compliant work is done. WiredMinds uses static IP addresses (a white list of companies against which the IP address is matched) and links them to available information about that company. For those who want to know more about this, this video about it is recommended.

It can be used both on the website and on the webshop.

LeadLab uses many different data as a database – What are they?

Basically, a myriad of information about a company or visitors to that company is recorded, aggregated and made available for use. These are in detail:

  • Concrete company names – in LeadLab you can see by name the companies that have visited your website
  • Transaction data – in addition to the company names you can see all actions & which pages were visited
  • Extended data – through various database partners you can also view industry, sales & address data
  • Analytical data – all collected data is aggregated and provides information about the efficiency of online marketing activities. This also means, for example, that downloads or events e.g. with clicks on a video, are tracked.

A full list of information can be found here.

It is not the quantity that is decisive, but the quality that is in the foreground

Filter and selection options

  • LeadLab doesn’t just collect data. LeadLab aggregates and prepares this much data. The filter and selection options shown in one hour alone make the analyst’s heart beat faster. There are over 50 evaluation options according to dimensions and various measurement values.
  • Leads can also be equipped with special markers within the processing. E.g. red for hot lead or similar colored markings are a wonderful work facilitator.

Ratings and scoring

  • Before the measured values are analyzed, each value can be weighted and/or processed in a scoring. These important results later help the user to use the data more quickly. The user can display the result of the scoring in a report.

LeadLab creates transparency – what has happened and what needs to be done?

Statistics, reports and dashboards

  • In addition to a sufficiently large set of standard reports, individual reports can be created and made available to users depending on their wishes and goals.
  • A very important statistic is the “Visitor flow” analysis in LeadLab. A perfect analysis of the journey on the website. What is the progression, who exits where? What are the 4 to 5 stages that a company goes through until contact is made? This information can also be used to prepare for a visit.
  • Among many other analyses, a heatmap analysis of the website is also possible.
  • All in all, LeadLab refines analysis data with an additional sales component that Google Analytics does not offer. Insights, transparency, as it can hardly be more beautiful. The “black hole” between “what triggers Google traffic” and “who really bought” is – supplemented or largely dissolved by LeadLab data. The user sees what is happening. What are the learnings for the page structure and customer journey, jump labels or jump addresses in the page navigation?
  • Everyone likes it: classic visitor analyses according to time slices and phases. Everything can be set individually and made available to all relevant people as standard.
  • For clarity as well as for management, WiredMinds provides dashboards that create transparency.
  • This includes, for example, a usage analysis, which search engines have which performance.

LeadLab makes transparent – not only leads, but also customers

  1. Not only leads, but also customers and former customers are seen by the user through LeadLab, which brings three important effects: : The most important effect is that tracking existing customers enables better up- and cross-selling. Effect 2 is the eventual release of ballast (bad customers), which is very helpful. Effect 3 is that “non-relevant companies” are also identified and sorted out.
  • Interim conclusion: All data that is collected is always prepared very simply in different views and layers. This makes the tool very useful for all users and stakeholders.
  • Special analyses of automation measures, newsletter activities, after trade shows, SEO, referrers, affiliate actions are possible. Marketing is measurable, success can be planned.
  • A lead report can be sent to an entire team. Alternatively, direct assignment by sales territory or another criterion is possible. True to the motto: Everyone should only receive the information that is really necessary.

Tip: Before using LeadLab, a customer value analysis would be helpful, because if I know which customer types are good, then I can find fewer, but which are significantly better. Keyword increase of sales active time and therefore a higher conversion with better customers.

Also much input for a more effective website

Website and SEO optimization (Google, Heatmap)

  • The use of LeadLab optimizes not one-dimensionally, but multi-dimensionally. The website itself as well as the Google or other banner ads are optimized. What is effective and how? Which desired or undesired visitors come via the campaigns? This makes new customer advertising fun, because the funnel is filled only with good, potential leads. The junk, which may well be 25% or more at the beginning, doesn’t clog the funnel. Or your sales team doesn’t waste sales-active time unnecessarily.
  • With this info, the user is also able to optimize their SEO keywords.

LeadLab helps to do the right and urgent thing: Focus on what’s important

The campaigns

  • These are created quickly. For example, set the banner to “Who supplies what” and analyze in LeadLab who (company from which industry and with which company size) comes from the banner to the website. Thus, a technical link is not necessary.
  • Or upload a list of “brand new LeadLab companies to the Sales Navigator on LinkedIn and promote only those companies that were just interested. This is meaningful retargeting.

Use the triggers!

  • When is something to be done? When can the sales team take care of other leads? Only when the various triggers in LeadLab are used and applied in a targeted manner does the machinery work like clockwork. Who needs to be informed about what by whom and when? The combination with a CRM also exploits many productivity potentials here.
  • E.G.
  1. to the employee
  2. to the CRM tool
  3. to the Marketing Automation tool
  4. Visit preparation combined with CRM data.
  • Creating a trigger as a lead alert is very simple. For example, you select a company name and set various conditions about it, such as which page or area of the website is visited. The segmentation options are a) campaign b) milestone c) page and d) area. And the user will be informed accordingly.

Not all leads are created equal -Scoring helps to differentiate

  • In addition to the classic selection, it is also possible to define a weighted score value. This means that the companies with a high score value are looked after differently than companies with a low score value. The user can view the result of the scoring in a report.

Filters and reports facilitate daily work

  • Selected companies are sent by report to the appropriate employee on a defined date as a regular communication. E.g. daily the visitors of the previous day or every Monday the relevant visitors of the last 7 days.
  • Using the various filter conditions, the user selects, for example, international headquarters and the corresponding country pages. This international analysis is especially important for companies that have corporate customers. In this way, multinational purchasing teams can be identified, for example, and do not have to be played off when submitting bids.
  • Who looks at the terms and conditions or the cancellation pages? This info can be used to proactively initiate termination avoidance activities.

Integrations with CRM, CX, and campaign/marketing automation tools

Action Buttons

  • List views on the screen show a user the analysis picture from the LeadLab data. With the associated action buttons, which are links to external tools or information sources, you can enrich your knowledge even further. For data protection reasons, however, the transfer of this information is not permitted.
  • By default, the action buttons are assigned with a) Google search, b) Xing, c) LinkedIn or d) the jump to your own CRM. However, other links can also be integrated here, e.g. to search for company databases that you use yourself.
  • In practice, this means, for example, that you can look up who is on LinkedIn for the selected company. Who could be the right contact(s)? Who of them do I already have in the CRM? What is information that I can use as a conversation starter to make contact? Could a nurturing process already be set up? If so, with whom and what content?

What are integrations and APIs, for example?

  • LeadLab can be directly connected with virtually all important CRM tools. Without Zapier, which is rather risky under DSGVO aspects, but data protection compliant. Here is the link to the list of connected systems (just enter LeadLab in the left column).
  • Currently, the update from LeadLab to the CRM or marketing automation tool takes place once a day. The API provided is very easy to connect.
  • In addition to organizational collaboration, process support is another benefit. LeadLab and your CRM or campaign management are connected to each other. The LeadLab interface ensures smooth communication and timely forwarding of information. The other tools such as Google Analytics or the links created for partners are enriched so that LeadLab can extract all the data and present it in a structured way.
  • Depending on the goal, it may also make sense to separate within tool usage. The pre-sales team takes care of the preliminary work with LeadLab. Once the qualification has reached a defined level, the leads are passed on to CRM and to another team. But, and this is important to us from the point of view of a relationship strategy: We recommend not changing internal contacts, especially in the start-up phase of a new customer relationship that has been created, for example, through LeadLab.

Yes No organizational separation between marketing and sales

a. The time of separation between sales and marketing is over. With LeadLab it is a togetherness instead of a coexistence. Very often LeadLab is ordered by Marketing. But how do I convince my colleagues from Sales or vice versa?

b. How does a team overcome the hurdle that colleagues from the “friendly” department benefit from? The LeadLab consulting team at WiredMinds has a simple answer to this. Get everyone around the table and then we’ll show both parties what benefits are included in the package for them. In short: there’s a treat for everyone.

  • More good leads, less junk, who all comes to the website that the sales department already knows well? Ah, I have an appointment tomorrow. What was he looking for? There are many good reasons for this. And by the way, sales and marketing become friends for life. Everyone gets something out of it.
  • And with a view to the free test phase, every company can start without risk. Even at the start, a mega project can emerge because the team that uses LeadLab has the better arguments in the negotiation meeting or can present the winning objection handling.
  • As they say in tennis: First Advantage LeadLab. Then Matchpoint. Win the bid.

Important topic: data protection

a. At this point we would like to state once again: LeadLab is DSGVO compliant and a software incl. hosting all in Germany. These are two arguments that make all C-levels, data protection officers and certainly the eyes of works councils light up. You don’t believe that?

b. Then the references are clear proof. It’s nice not to have to worry about this whole discussion. Data can be made available worldwide. However, since it is not personal data, everything is no problem.

Pricing and plans

a. After so many advantages, now the question of what the fun costs. The most important thing: a) already during the test phase the user has full access to all data. And even after the 14 days of testing, all data collected until then is still available. This means you can start using the data in the full version right away. Consulting makes sense and if you need consulting to get started, you can request it. Larger companies in particular can get off to a successful start this way.

b. In concrete terms, this means that even small companies such as consultants or service providers can use LeadLab to fish out the cream from the visitor groups. This is worthwhile.

c. Click here for the plans and packages:

With LeadLab, WiredMinds offers a tool and the matching service

a. Keyword consulting: With LeadLab, you not only get a tool, but also far-reaching consulting. That was an important concern for us in the session. This topic is successful when a number of parameters are set and adjusted at the beginning. Therefore, the investment is worthwhile.

b. Consulting can be that the dashboards are adjusted to your needs. Or the sales people only see data that is interesting for them. Marketing uses the data that has relevance. Such tools, we speak from experience, generate very quickly to the children’s toy. After a short time, it lies in the corner and no one is interested in it anymore.

c. That’s why we recommend consulting right at the start: Don’t play, take your chances and go ahead. Because LeadLab is not a toy, but a strategic tool, which, when used continuously for more or better leads, brings a lot of success and is also fun. And of course it leads to more sales. It increases the sales-active time, selects scrap out. Sales heart, what more could you want?

d. In consulting, important questions are first asked to understand the existing sales process and to be able to integrate the software seamlessly. Then exactly what is needed is set. And only what the customer wants is displayed. No overflow or “getting lost in a complex tool”. Less is more.


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