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Intentional, willful or negligent? The triad at the turn of the year



This article was originally written in 2018 and is updated regularly. Its aim is to discuss the topic of “Intentional, deliberate or negligent – at the turn of the year” from a feuilleton perspective.


As always at the turn of the year, the good old resolutions come into play. What resolution are you aiming for in the new year? It won’t just be one. So it’s best to make several! Then they are resolutions.

Resolutions usually have something to do with personality change, with behavior? Hence the common question:

Do you have the discipline, the strength to change?

Some want to work on themselves (“I want to be more punctual in future”). Others want to work on their colleagues (“I need to demand more quality from them in future”).

But don’t take on too much! Everyone “actually” knows this. So why is he writing this?

Because it’s better to make fewer resolutions, but to make sure they are implemented. Too many resolutions at the same time rarely lead to the goal. Or to put it another way: Too many cooks (resolutions) spoil the broth. That would be negligent.

Intentional, willful or negligent – at the turn of the year


The term is almost always used in a negative sense. Someone has deliberately, i.e. consciously, caused harm to another person.

Nevertheless, it is possible to deliberately – in this sense: consciously – do something good to someone. What could that be? Cutting out old habits and thus demanding fewer tasks, for example. Simplifying complex processes. Giving more freedom for self-control.

Have your employees suggest and prioritize time wasters!

On the one hand, you do good because the employees can bring about the change themselves.

Secondly, you can see who makes suggestions and resolutions for the new year. And, if they themselves make a resolution to get rid of these time wasters, this builds trust and leads to a continuous improvement in culture and workload.

The topic: Intent, willful or negligent – at the turn of the year


So wouldn’t it be negligent NOT to do the above?

In any case, it is negligent to subordinate everything to digitalization. Yes. I still say that five years later.

Not all customers are 100% digital. Some are only partially. And not everything that is technically possible leads to customer loyalty or a positive customer experience. In this respect, it is a good intention to always be at the cutting edge of technology. However, it is downright negligent to assume that “your customers see it the same way or need this modern technology”.

For this reason, I love to spread the mantra from my CRM manifesto: Digitalization is subject to customer orientation – or even better, customer benefit.

So here are our resolutions for the new year:

  1. Not too many resolutions, but with clear targets
  • When should the goal be reached and the daily routine established?
  • How do others recognize that the goal has been achieved?

2. Work on the basis:

  • A launch pad can only be built if the foundations are stable.
  • From a management perspective, the motto is: don’t work “in the system”, but “on the system”.

3. Cut out old habits:

  • Every year at least once, and certainly on an ongoing basis, look for time wasters and “dispose of this garbage”.
  • One of the most important tasks of entrepreneurs and managers is to “dispose of waste”.
  • This creates space for action and thinking. More time for the essentials.

4. Show your customers appreciation of customer value!

  • Appreciation in line with customer value.
  • This way, you don’t pour out the cornucopia of affection with a watering can, but in a targeted manner.

5. Get your employees involved in the change process!

6. And always remember our motto: employee loyalty is customer loyalty.

So, enough about intent and deliberately “doing good”! More would be negligent! 🙂


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