Creative acts Kreatives Denken Handeln und Führen
Worth reading:

Creative Acts – Creative actions, deeds, thinking, leading



Creative thinking, action and leadership – What does the publisher say?

In a time of uncertainty – but also extraordinary opportunities for positive change – it is vital to have both an alert mind and the ability to act with purpose. Creative Acts – Creative Thinking Acting and Leading – shows ways to tread these skills with resilience, care and confidence.

The book is a provocative and visual companion as well as a source of inspiration for people who want to harness their curiosity and creativity in the face of uncertainty. Creative Acts is full of ideas for discovery, learning and navigating uncharted creative territory. It contains surprising stories and more than eighty innovative exercises.

My management summary of Creative Acts – Creative Thinking, Acting and Leading:

This book is a high-quality, well-designed and structured book, with 81 chapters, divided into 16 groups, almost 300 pages, full of tools, inspiration and tips for creative acting, thinking, leading, being inspired, …, mostly also suitable for immediate use.

A great layout and wonderful drawings increase the desire to work and develop!


All in all, a very successful book from which I was able to put three methods into daily practice.

From time to time, I would have liked a little more structure in each chapter: i.e. What goals can be achieved? What is the effect? What are the possible variations and other possible applications? However, I don’t think this is a bad thing, but rather inspires me to work with the book even more.

The grouping according to specific topics is very successful. This shows how diverse these methods are.

Let’s go into more detail – where do creative thinking, acting and leading fit in?

There are 81 (in words eighty-one) tips. That’s a lot. That’s why there’s a useful grouping on page 24. These 16 groups are as follows

  1. See the world with different eyes
  2. Working together successfully
  3. Processing insights
  4. Developing ideas
  5. Building things
  6. Telling an exciting story
  7. Presenting your own work
  8. Becoming aware of your own learning process
  9. Finding your own voice
  10. Going outside and making discoveries
  11. Shift up a gear
  12. Slowing down the pace and focusing
  13. Have fun
  14. Daring to do more justice
  15. Looking to the future
  16. Mastering an entire project

Which probably comes as no surprise to anyone:

Some of the 81 exercises appear in several of the 16 groups.

This is what makes the book so useful and effective. One method can be adapted for several purposes!

My tips for using Creative Acts – Creative Thinking, Acting and Leading :

On page 6 “the journey” begins. But on page 24, she gives tips on how to use the exercises.

Everyone reads and consumes differently. Hence my tip no. 2: Don’t read the book, but “skim the individual chapters”, make notes about the aim and purpose and then delve deeper into the methods that “seem useful at first glance”.

Now I hope you enjoy reading it.

Vahlen Publishing House
Sarah Stein Greenberg Executive Director at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford ( curates these exercises
ISBN 978-3-8006-6979-0

Noch mehr Tipps für Geschäftsführer und Führungskräfte


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