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CRM software: Nimble CRM at a glance



##Update from 21.09.2020

Nimble CRM is a small CRM tool from America that can be assigned to the Social CRM area. It offers many interfaces, for example to Hootsuite, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Zapier. The user can also actively participate in discussions on the above mentioned platforms. Nimble also enables good segmentation. Once users have imported their contacts, they can supplement the existing information with information from various social media. Worth mentioning is the ability to have all interactions – even cross-platform – at a glance. Groups of segmentations can also be created. When a contact with these criteria is created, it is automatically assigned to the group.

Companies receive a lot of information about their customers and leads. Nimble tries to create comprehensive profiles of contacts and companies in the system. All data is formed from public information from social media. This goes so far that, after successful merging, users know who the people are, where they work, where they come from, how many employees the company has, when it was founded, how much turnover it generates, what industry it belongs to and much more. It also displays CEO details, locations, social media profiles and contact information.

Nimble is currently the first CRM tool that can independently fill in information such as company name, title, location, experience, education, shared relationships, common interests of all contacts in the system.

Other features include professional customer management, automated lead management and good email marketing. The rather slim standard functions can be extended very well. Nimble offers a very large marketplace with more than 100 apps. Nimble also has an open API, which makes it very easy for users to use an existing tool in conjunction with Nimble.

Integration with Outlook and Gmail is possible for sending e-mails. If users want to send e-mails from the system, they can simply store their IMAP and SMTP settings. The tool also has a mobile app that allows users to access their data offline. Only a few interfaces are offered and most tools are connected via paper. Another feature is the web form of Infusionsoft CRM, which can be integrated on the homepage and immediately transfers the data to the CRM.

Existing customer data can be easily imported using an XML/CSV file. Subsequently, a duplicate comparison is performed. Through the possible integration of PieSync, Nimble can also import and synchronize data from a wide range of third-party programs, such as the big players Mailchimp, Xero and Getresponse. Recently, Nimble has greatly improved its import process, and now offers the ability to easily adapt the CSV file to the Nimble format – even while importing.

Nimble has a very simple user interface that makes it easy to get around. By combining many tools, it allows you to focus exclusively on Nimble. In addition, it offers a fully customizable dashboard, the “Today-Page”, where the most important dates, appointments and messages can be displayed in a personalized way at first glance.

Unfortunately, Nimble CRM is currently only available in English for companies from Germany. Furthermore, support is only available via a ticket system. The limitation of 25,000 contacts makes Nimble uninteresting for larger companies. However, if they reach the 25,000 contacts, they can add another 10,000 contacts for $10 more per month.

The monthly price of Nimble Contact is $12 for monthly payment and $9 for annual payment. The Business Version is available monthly for $25 with monthly payment and $19 with annual payment. A free version is not available. However, interested parties can try Nimble for 14 days in a demo version. There is also a mobile app that allows you to work from your smartphone or tablet.


Some important pros summarized:

  • Possibilities for extensions through apps
  • Low price – ideal for SMEs
  • Very simple user interface
  • Fully customizable dashboard
  • Very many interfaces and open API
  • Duplicates are recognized during import
  • Business card scanner
  • Analyzes potential customer behavior
  • Import process was optimized
  • Contact search through tags and notes
  • Mobile App available

Some important contrasts summarized:

  • Currently the tool is only available in English
  • No data center in the EU/Germany
  • Number of contacts is limited to 25.000
  • Lean functional range
  • Not possible to work offline
  • Support only possible via ticket
  • Some functions are not DSGVO compliant
  • Tags from exported data records largely useless


You can find a current provider comparison here.


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