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What’s new from CRM manufacturer CAS AG? The new version X12 is available



What’s new from CRM manufacturer CAS AG?

##Update 03/06/2023

CAS Software AG has been named Innovator of the Year in the TOP 100 innovation competition with over 470 participants. With the brand new version CAS genesisWorld x14 CAS Software proves its innovative spirit. The CRM + AIA® solution for small and medium-sized businesses is said to establish a new software generation with a variety of intelligent assistants. The so-called Augmented Intelligence Assistants (AIA®) relieve users individually, support effective teamwork, measure the relationship quality with each individual customer and prospect, and thus improve recommendations for action.

What’s new in the CAS genesisWorld x14 release:

  • Adaptive future platform for hybrid working
  • German Design Award for the SmartDesign® user interface
  • Unique worldwide: the intelligent Picasso search
  • AI-based assistant evaluates sales opportunities
  • Using the corporate dossier to create a sustainable network
  • Customer relationship assistant for better relationship quality
  • Data protection and digital sovereignty ensure future security
  • Many more innovations


CAS AG releases new version X12 of the CRM software genesisWorld

  1. The new version X12 is available! CAS AG releases new version X12 of the CRM software genesisWorld
  2. Short profile of CAS AG
  3. Who are current references of CAS

The new version X12 is here!

At the beginning of August, the time had come: CAS AG releases new version X12 of the CRM software genesisWorld. Of course, the team around Martin Hubschneider again put a lot of ideas into it, filed, tinkered and refined. In such a way, as it belongs for a market leader.

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The mobile working world gets new functions and advantages.

Certainly the most important message: Whether at home, in the office or on the road, whether tablet, smartphone or desktop/laptop, the user always gets the same look and feel.

Invitations to video calls or online events can be initiated directly from the system.

In my opinion, this is the most important innovation:

Caller identification on iOS devices. That means I don’t have to annoyingly save the phone numbers on the iPhone again. Instead, whoever has version X12 on their Apple device gets the information who the caller is.

Better teamwork: More functions for collaboration

With the new Timeline View you can visualize time-related data records such as appointments, tasks, tasks, vacations and much more in a graphical timeline. The new, integrated map view simplifies employee scheduling.

Searching has become even better: SmartSearch:

CAS AG brings new version X12 of the CRM software genesisWorld:
Further highlights are available in the areas/modules …

  • Reporting and Cockpit Designer
  • Thinking assistants help you to organize your sales opportunities and mailings in a structured way using automated procedures and processes
  • The clear representation of networks and interdependencies
  • easy integration of third-party solutions
  • The CAS CardScanner is now directly integrated into CAS genesisWorld.
  • The new translation editor makes it easy to manage multiple languages.
  • With the enhanced participant management, collaboration with external contacts and your team is now even easier.

All news at a glance, in this brochure.

The short profile of CAS AG

“In recent years, CAS Software AG has become the German market leader for customer relationship management (CRM) in medium-sized businesses. CAS Software AG was founded in 1986 by Ludwig Neer and Martin Hubschneider. Martin Hubschneider now leads the company as a member of the board. Today, the company employs more than 450 people in the CAS Group, 375 of whom work in the CRM and xRM solutions division of CAS Software AG. Today, more than 480,000 people in more than 30,000 companies and organizations use the advantages of the software solutions: Best ergonomics, flexible adaptability and integration capability, qualified partner network, proven in practice thousands of times over and a very good price/performance ratio”. source: Website of CAS AG from 05.09.2020

CAS Software AG in Zahlen
CAS Software AG in Zahlen CAS AG brings new version X12 of the CRM software genesisWorld

Who are the current references of CAS

Here you can find the current references.

CAS AG is with genesisWorld naturally also on our CRM-Landscape and in the comparison table of many CRM providers.

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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