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SugarCRM adds predictive AI to the Futuristic Sales Playbook

As of 10/17/2023

SugarCRM’s Predictive AI, emphasized by Chief Product Officer Zac Sprackett, improves sales without replacing staff. The technology uses historical data and external sources to make data-based sales decisions. With a focus on data quality, SugarCRM integrates third-party data for more accurate predictions. The modular design ensures flexibility and makes predictive AI accessible for a wide range of business needs. Sprackett sees this as not only a smarter way to sell, but also the future of sales strategy, anticipating advanced capabilities with the integration of generative AI.

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SugarCRM works together with SYSPRO

As of 12.10.2023

SYSPRO and SugarCRM have partnered to provide an integrated ERP and CRM solution for mid-sized manufacturers and retailers. This partnership enables the alignment of front and back office for optimized inventory management, supply chain and production operations to generate additional sales. Bi-directional information transfer enables sales teams to access ERP data and process orders in real time. SugarCRM’s AI platform analyzes data to identify customer preferences and make suggestions for cross-selling or upselling. Clint Oram of SugarCRM emphasizes the creation of a comprehensive business operating system, while Sanjay Ejantkar of SYSPRO Americas sees the strategic partnership as a clear choice for mid-market manufacturing and distribution that is already seeing positive impact from customers.

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SugarCRM introduces new GenAI functions for CRM in SMEs

As of 05.10.2023

SugarCRM announces the use of generative AI for sales, marketing and customer service. The integration enables personalized emails, persuasive call scripts and sales suggestions with real-time customer intelligence. SugarCRM thus increases the productivity and effectiveness of its medium-sized customers worldwide.

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SugarCRM publishes generative AI functions for CRM in SMEs

As of 05.10.2023

SugarCRM integrates generative AI into its CRM platform to increase the productivity of sales, marketing and customer service. The features automate tasks such as personalized emails and data-driven call scripts. The CEO, Craig Charlton, emphasizes the commitment to accessible AI. The generative AI features are currently available in a closed pilot program and could revolutionize the customer experience through automation. McKinsey Digital sees significant impact on customer operations, marketing and sales through generative AI.

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SugarCRM delivers generative AI for marketing, sales and service

Status: 05.10.2023

SugarCRM integrates generative AI to increase the productivity of sales, marketing and customer service. The functions automate tasks such as content creation and report generation. Use cases range from personalized emails to automated marketing campaigns. The focus is on data protection and compliance. Generative AI is currently in a pilot program and is expected to be generally available in the first half of next year.

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SugarCRM shifts its focus to SMEs

Status: 05.10.2023

SugarCRM is shifting its focus to customer-centric outcomes in the mid-market, particularly in manufacturing and distribution, with an impressive 94% renewal rate. At the 2023 Analyst Summit, the company presented new generative AI capabilities designed to increase productivity for sales, marketing and customer service. The AI acts as a digital assistant, automates tasks and enables personalized content. Generative AI is seen as a groundbreaking technology to optimize the CRM user experience.

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AI news from SugarCRM – fresh from the analyst summit in London

As of 10/05/2023

“SugarCRM’s new AI advancements are designed to help sales, marketing and service teams work faster and smarter in the following ways

Generative AI for sales increases sales productivity and effectiveness by creating personalized and compelling emails and sales copy, data-driven and persuasive pre-written call scripts and sales proposals enriched with real-time customer information.  

Generative AI for marketing takes marketing automation and personalization to the next level, maximizing impact by creating highly relevant, personalized marketing campaigns, landing pages and emails, automatic translation and smarter segmentation.

Generative AI for customer service accelerates knowledge and value exchange by summarizing case histories and service tickets, creating personalized user manuals and product documentation, and enabling agents and customers to quickly find answers and resolve issues. “

Here is the PR release. The details will follow asap.

The results of the “State of CRM 2024” study

Status 09/25/2023

The short intro video to exciting insights

You can download the entire study here.

There will also be a webinar on 07.11.2023. You can register on LinkedIn here.

CRM and marketing automation integration made easy: How to handle data in the migration process

Update: 08/24/2023

You can’t just start migrating to a new platform. You need to establish clear requirements and steps for the migration project. Although many assume that similar functions will be identical on the old and new platforms, there are some points you should consider.

  • Which assets and programs are important and need to be migrated?
  • Are there previous integrations (e.g., with your CRM) that you need to restore with your new MA platform?
  • How deep do you need to clean up your current database before migration?
  • How will you interpret the first few months of reporting with your new tool without historical data?

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Data quality matters. Here’s how to achieve it

Update: 07/27/2023

While enterprise data has immense potential to help businesses, especially sales and marketing departments, simply storing it is not the answer. Companies need to learn how to fully leverage its potential.

Currently, many companies are only scratching the surface of the insights that data could provide. Much of their enterprise data is often incomplete, inaccurate or duplicated. Simply put, companies tend to mismanage their data.

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SugarCRM and sales-i announce strategic partnership to deliver predictive B2B sales intelligence and unlock new revenue opportunities

Update: 06/05/2023

SugarCRM, provider of the award-winning, AI-driven CRM platform, today announced a new partnership with sales-i. The goal is to improve business-to-business (B2B) sales performance in manufacturing, wholesale and distribution through enhanced customer insights, analytics and intelligence powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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SugarCRM unveils new version of Sugar Enterprise with powerful features to boost sales productivity and drive growth

Update: 05/09/2023

SugarCRM, provider of the award-winning, AI-driven CRM platform, today announced the addition of powerful new capabilities with the launch of Sugar Enterprise+, its leading sales force automation platform for on-premises customers.
The latest, significantly enhanced version of Sugar Enterprise – known as Enterprise+ – gives companies a no-compromise CRM solution that offers maximum control, the ability to customize the application to meet unique business needs, and the flexibility of choice for on-premises deployments.

Sugar has integrated many of the latest enhancements to its cloud-based Sugar Sell Premier Edition into Sugar Enterprise+, including guided selling, geo-mapping, mail and calendar integration, automatic data enrichment and news feeds, and more, to enable sales teams to increase efficiency, engage more effectively with buyers and prospects, shorten sales cycles, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

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SugarCRM and Mobileforce partner to support field sales management and integrated quote processing

Update: 04/05/2023

In today’s competitive sales landscape, closing deals faster and more efficiently is critical. However, complex product variables and pricing parameters often slow sales and service cycles, resulting in missed opportunities and Conversions Leads.

To automate and accelerate these aspects of the sales process, SugarCRM, provider of the award-winning, AI-driven CRM platform, today announced an exciting new partnership with Mobileforce, a leading provider of intelligent, cloud-based configure price quote (CPQ) and field service management (FSM) solutions.

The combination of the Sugar platform with Mobileforce provides companies with a fully integrated Quote-to-Cash platform that streamlines sales operations for improved business flow and customer satisfaction. It’s critical to put all customer tools at the fingertips of field service representatives and service technicians – whether they’re in the office, on a job site, or in the field. The ability to retrieve a customer’s history, propose a new work order and create a quote, and update the sales pipeline – all in one fully integrated application – also improves the overall experience.

A number of companies are already taking advantage of the Sugar-Mobileforce partnership, including human capital management (HCM) leader isolved.

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CISA includes Oracle and SugarCRM products in software exploit catalog

Status: 02/03/2023

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) added two Oracle E-Business and SugarCRM security vulnerabilities to its Known Exploited Vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog in early February.

Affected are products of the Oracle Web App Desktop Integration through which attackers gained unauthenticated network access via http protocols.

SugarCRM’s CRM application was included in the catalog because specific php code could be injected into the systems due to a missing input validation.

SugarCRM unveils new digital self-service capabilities

Status: 01/25/2023

SugarCRM recently launched its new digital self-service capabilities designed to help B2B sellers create an “always-on” brand experience for their customers.

The self-service features are designed to allow customers to easily manage their profile, ask questions and initiate service requests. Companies can also seamlessly integrate these features into their website to create a consistent brand experience.

SugarCRM security vulnerability

Status: 01/12/2023

The developers of SugarCRM have developed and deployed hotfixes after the exploit became known last week. They are available for the affected Sugar Sell, Serve, Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate systems. Version 12.0 hotfix 91155 no longer contains the flaw. Provided the instance has SugarIdentity enabled, this should have successfully prevented attacks.

The underlying vulnerability consists of a lack of input validation in email templates, allowing manipulated requests to sneak in custom PHP code. This is how crypto-mining software is pushed onto the open systems in order to use it to obtain cryptocurrencies.

Customer Breakthrough Awards 2022: Two awards at once for Insignio and customers

Status: 12/11/2022

At this year’s SugarCRM Customer Breakthrough Awards, Insignio GmbH was honored twice.

On the one hand, Insignio’s customer, quirion AG, received the award in the Marketing Excellence category. The latter uses Sugar Market and CRM together with Insignio in a project of increasing conversion rates.

In addition, Insignio was honored together with Bejo Zaden B.V. in the Technology Partnership category to recognize the special partnership between customer and service provider. Together, 17 companies were migrated to the Sugar platform.

SugarCRM Predict named to Gartner® Emerging Tech: Tech Innovators for Intelligent CRM Applications category

Status: 10/12/2022

Gartner’s report is designed to highlight technology vendors that are driving and accelerating the adoption of intelligent customer relationship management (CRM). The selected technology vendors are chosen based on their ability to market and sell AI-based or AI-enabled technologies with demonstrated optimization and/or transformation capabilities.

SugarCRM and ResPax form partnership

Status: 08/25/2022

SugarCRM and ResPax, a travel booking systems provider, have partnered to bring a fully integrated CRM and travel booking platform to market.

The solution is designed to help the travel and tourism industry scale operations, increase visitation, improve customer experience and loyalty, create jobs and grow revenue.

SugarCRM is part of Constellation ShortList for B2C Marketing Automation for SMBs for second year in a row

Status: 08/24/2022

The “Sugar Market” solution was named to the Constellation ShortList™ for B2C Marketing Automation for SMBs in Q3 2022 for the second year in a row.

Sugar was recognized because its solution provides small teams with an easy-to-use, functional marketing automation solution with features that can grow with the business and the customer without the need for large IT, developer or costly specialized teams.

Interview with SugarCRM founder Clint Oram

Status: 07/19/2022

In an interview with ValiantCEO, Clint Oram, who co-founded SugarCRM in 2004 and now leads Strategy & Acquisition, discussed personal assessments and his experiences as an entrepreneur.

SugarCRM named ‘CRM Organization of the Year’ at 2022 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards

Status: 07/28/2022

SugarCRM has been named ‘CRM Organization of the Year’ by the Business Intelligence Group at the Sales and Marketing Technology Awards 2022. This is SugarCRM’s second win at the Marketing Technology Awards, having won the award for ‘Product of the Year’ last year.

Kelly-Moore Paint moves from Salesforce to SugarCRM

Status: 07/13/2022

After more than 10 years, the $1,000-plus employee, $720 million producer of paints is abandoning its relationship with Salesforce and moving to SugarCRM.

Kelly-Moore Paint gives the following reasons for the switch: “It was a matter of finding a modern CRM platform that would do the work for us and reduce the administrative burden, allowing our sales teams to focus more on building customer relationships and driving a positive business impact. We were able to make years of logged feature enhancements at a fraction of the price through a platform that better met our business needs.”

SugarCRM launches new podcast on secrets to sustainable growth

Status: 05/16/2022

The Fuel Growth Podcast is hosted by Clint Oram, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Sugar, and Lizzy Overlund, Global Customer Experience Director, also of Sugar.

Each episode features interviews with experienced business leaders about how they achieve measurable results and maintain momentum in their professional and also personal lives.

The podcast is geared toward mid-sized companies seeking advice on how to execute their ideas and find the right growth equation.

The 1st guest: Peter Holt, CEO of The Joint Chiropractic, shares how he and his team have managed to grow The Joint from a small, single-digit franchise to a national franchise with over 500 units.



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