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CAS Software AG, genesisWorld, SmartWe, Company Dossier and lots of CRM News



CAS Software AG, genesisWorld, SmartWe, Unternehmensdossier and more CRM-News

Once a year, it is my tradition to talk to Martin Hubschneider, the CEO of CAS AG. This usually takes place in the context of an event. This time via web conference and in the run-up to one of the most important CAS events of the year: CAS Software AG, genesisWorld, SmartWe, company dossier and lots of CRM news.

We have divided the long interview into many small portions. That way, everyone can pick out their cream puff or watch it in the order they want.

As always, we both travel through the whole world of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Martin Hubschneider is always fun to talk to. And yet, some stopping points involved a lot of seriousness and ethically, morally relevant aspects.

What are the eight main points of the interview?

How is CRM developing and where does CAS go from here? (Part 1)

CRM and XRM that’s an exciting mix. With XRM, CRM is extended to include the components of the stakeholders such as service providers, suppliers, customers of the customer. Virtually all the people and companies involved in the value chain are managed from a single source.

How is CAS developing and what does the customer gain from it? (Part 2)

Back in April, we had the exclusive opportunity to take a look at the latest product, “Enterprise Dossier“. We will publish a detailed review of this product soon. One thing can already be revealed. There is a lot of knowledge in it, which brings many advantages in daily interactions with customers and prospects.

CAS Software AG genesisWorld SmartWe Company Dossier and lots of News

Digital Sovereignty and News about the CRM Software SmartWe (Part 3)

He is concerned with avoiding dependencies. The large platform operators squeeze vast amounts of data out of the processes with their users. And no one really knows what is being done with it.

He and CAS definitely want to make a contribution to a new social order. A high ambition, but I support this initiative 100%.

SmartWe SE alone, a company that can no longer be taken over. Profits are reinvested. Anything above a certain level of profit is all returned to customers, through innovation or decreasing prices.

Martin Hubschneider makes a very clear statement about sustainability, about ethical principles in dealing with data.

The company NextCloud is also an example. The company is positive alternative to Dropbox. Around 300,000 accounts have moved from Dropbox to Nextcloud within a certain period.

Fair.Digital – an initiative for more fairness in handling CRM data in cooperation with Bioland (Part 4)

In this chapter, Martin Hubschneider reports on why CAS is doing this with BIOLAND, of all companies.

You can find out more about here.

CAS Software AG genesisWorld SmartWe Company Dossier and Lots of News

What’s new in the CAS AG product world? (Part 5)

SmartWe is the second flagship product in addition to genesisWorld. The system is scalable so that any size of company can be supported with CRM software.

News about genesisWorld, CAS’ flagship software, and SmartNetwork (Part 6)

With WeNetwork, a platform will soon be launched on the market on which, for example, Bioland partners can exchange information with each other and also integrate their customers. Martin Hubschneider gives here a first insight into this exciting initiative.

More news from CAS (part 7)

A Bioland Culinarium is being built. CAS is investing more in infrastructure. It’s all about livable environments. The campus that is currently being built will create space for 1,000 workplaces. CAS wants to build its own eco-system for collaboration here. There is an article on the current commitment here.

CAS Software AG, genesisWorld, SmartWe, Company Dossier – Conclusion (Part 8)

Thank you very much at this point for giving us exclusive insights before anyone else. All the best and continued success, dear Martin Hubschneider.

And then a bonus highlight for extra excitement:

CAS also recently released new features for genesisWorld. Of course, we have included the video here as well.

If you want to read more about CAS Software on the portal, you can find it here.


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