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Further training during the crisis – a success criterion for afterwards. SAP offers a learning platform for students and experts



Training during the crisis SAP offers a learning platform

“SAP wants to give students and subject experts the opportunity to continue their education free of charge with a range of learning opportunities. The idea is that many people have more time for this in the home office,” writes CIO magazine in its online edition. We took a look at the initiative “Continuing Education in the Crisis SAP Offers Learning Platform.

SAP recognizes that training during the crisis is important for everyone, which is why SAP offers a learning platform called Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Under the name OpenSAP, anyone can view and register for the courses.

There are various offers for a) pupils and teachers, b) students, and c) all other interested parties. They can select courses from topics and, depending on the format, offer them as a) podcasts, b) self-study or c) online courses.

Training during the crisis SAP offers a learning platform

The offers are directed e.g. to teachers of school children from the 3rd grade on. This way, the kids can get the topic of digitisation explained at an early stage. SAP writes: “The Calliope mini is a small microcontroller. With just a few clicks, children can create their own exciting programs, transfer them to the Calliope mini and try them out. This makes the digital world understandable and tangible for them. This course is aimed at teachers and educators of all types of schools working in grades 3 to 6.

This course has 4,448 registered users so far. Of these, 658 participants have given a rating of 4.58 (of a maximum possible 5 points). Ergo: Very satisfied.

The very extensive offer goes from

Theme categories are:

Analytics, Cloud Solutions, Continuos Innovation, Digital Transformation, Enterprise Management, Human Resource, Industries, SAP Cloud Platforms, SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, Social Responsibility, User Experience

My conclusion on training in the crisis SAP offers a learning platform:

All in all, a very comprehensive program that is not only altruistic, but of course also designed to attract employees. SAP has long been committed to sustainability. SAP has also received an award for this.

The idea is good, just not yet very clearly implemented. To serve all the very different target groups mentioned above in one portal does not make it very easy to get an overview on the first visit. Also the possibility to view the offers in German or English does not always lead to clarity, because nevertheless many explanations and headlines are in English.

Nevertheless, I would like to praise the idea of getting involved with the topic. The offer is varied and the feedback is probably also very good.

Picture source: SAP


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