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Blissfully Studie SaaS Cloud
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How is the global market for Cloud/SaaS applications developing? Blissfully Study



How is the global market for Cloud SaaS applications developing? – study by Blissfully

Blissfully surveyed about 1,000 companies and prepared an exciting analysis. The results of “Global Market Cloud for SaaS Applications a Blissfully Study” and a few charts are available here.

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Scott Brinker has also written down some good thoughts on the subject.

What is good about the results of the study are the developments, which vary according to the size of a company. For this reason, the authors have broken down the results into SMEs , midsize companies and large companies. Logically, the evolution of Saas investments is already very different.

Something else about Global Market Cloud for SaaS Applications a Blissfully Study

It is also exciting to look at it by department or division of the company. Sales and marketing (here: S&M) are – besides IT – certainly the drivers of the topic. Research & Development was somewhat delayed. And the area of general management and administration (here: G&A for General & Adminstrative) has caught up extremely well. In the administration area, IT, which has always been SaaS-savvy, has been the main driver. But management – especially in Germany – was still very reticent 10 years ago.

ERP products in the cloud? Not possible at all!

At that time, this answer was almost unanimous in the SME sector. Because in the meantime this reticence has been abandoned. Now the hurdle is rather the effort to move the ERP from “on-premise” to the cloud.

But beware! There is garbage, problems with DSGVO, no 360 degree view

Which one or the other is very reluctant to read: The partially uncoordinated registration and use of Saas- or Cloud-Pdoukten results in

  • Software and data garbage, because tools are briefly registered, started and then no longer used. Data is imported, but only used for a short time.
  • Risks from the DSGVO/GDPR, because prospective customers and customer data are in a cloud, which may not comply with the data protection requirements of the country or company. Or the IT manager gets grey hair. Because if a customer asks for his data according to DSGVO, it is impossible to provide complete information.
  • the often quoted “clear” 360-degree view of the customer becomes more and more blurred because the data is not systematically merged.

Conclusion: Less is – as always – more.

Who is delighted with this development apart from Blissfully?

Of course, it is the software companies and cloud providers in particular who are pleased with this development. First and foremost it is the top players, the leading providers of cloud hosting and solutions


If you would like to receive the full study on worldwide market Cloud SaaS applications from Blissfully, you can request it free of charge by clicking on this link.


Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.



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