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Important impulses for the CRM strategy – the magazine to freak out.



Flip through Georg Blum’s Strategy Lounge

Why is it worth it?

Anyone who talks about Customer Relationship Management or CRM sometimes talks about CRM software, sometimes about a CRM strategy. The use of this term or abbreviation is still unclear, even after more than 20 years of its introduction.

Why does CRM strategy come before software selection?

Nevertheless, our philosophy is to put strategy before selection. Because the answers to the question “What do you want to do with the software? A prerequisite for a successful software selection and software introduction.

Conclusion: a strategy, however concisely formulated, is needed. So do Impulse, as in this magazine, is absolutely helpful.

CRM strategy combines with MarTech, why?

PS: For a few years now, our US American colleagues have been developing the term MarTech, which is an abbreviation of Marketing Technology. Scott Brinker one of the main protagonists of this topic has thought about how the topic MarTech is defined or positioned in his MarTech manifesto.

In it Scott describes that MarTech is a healthy mixture of marketing, technology and management.

  • You can find more topic magazines here

Flip through the CRM/MarTech magazines by Georg Blum, our publisher and Captain of Relationship

Georg Blum collects exciting articles and news about our topics in over 10 other flipboard theme magazines. He advises companies on software selection, software implementation and its strategic use. His heart and soul are address and data quality, the dissolving of silo thinking as well as the creation of continuous barrier-free processes within a perfectly trained and set up customer management organisation.

The topic magazines are

  1. In the Cloud, the Cloud magazine
  2. Article collection on artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data
  3. Strategy and Leadership Management
  4. Everything that is right, important information about the DSGVO or GDPR as well as data protection
  5. Articles about loyalty and customer retention
  6. User or Customer Experience (UX, CX)
  7. Trends and forecasts
  8. CRM/software and MarTech training
  9. Studies on MarTech and CRM topics
  10. customer service management
  11. Start Up and New Technology, Digitization and Digitalization
  12. The Evergreen Topic Address Quality and Data Quality
  13. Software selection, software implementation and software usage
  14. sales and marketing issues

The cross-cutting topic of project management & methods is currently still in preparation, but it is mostly found in the magazines “Software Selection, Software Introduction and Software Use” and “CRM Strategy and Leadership Management”.

The magazines are usually updated daily. Have fun browsing and reading.

legal information:

The articles do not always reflect the opinion of the author, they are a collection of interesting, even controversial statements. A guarantee that the links will still work after months cannot be given.

Picture source: Screenshot from the above mentioned flipboard magazine from 24.08.2019

Also interesting: News from Salesforce, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, SugarCRM, Adobe and others in a dedicarted magazine

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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