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Liqui Moly
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Liqui Moly ERP introduction, the 2nd – Mr. Probst joins the WiWo



The topic has already made a big splash in the first report in Wirtschaftswoche.

Liqui Moly chief Probst is adding to his anger and venting his anger.

The ERP implementation project has become a good mood killer for him and his company. He sticks to his criticism: Microsoft or the selected service provider has screwed up.

After 3 years of project duration, a 10 million Euro investment plus the working time of his own employees, the result is frightening. At school, this would be the grade poor.

The list of deficiencies after 3 years of project and Go Live is long

The shortcomings he lists in an interview with the WiWo are long. He speaks of more than 27 pages and several dozen tickets. Orders do not go through, the general processing time is much longer, the manual effort is many times higher than before. Additional committed employees have to iron this out in extra shifts.

The question of internal culpability is answered by the company’s well-known self-confident boss in a somewhat evasive manner: “The service provider has reached the end of his rope, so Microsoft’s own task force has to take over.

But guilt is no longer the issue in such a tricky situation. A solution to the most important problems must be found quickly. To do this, the tickets must now even be translated into English.

You can read the complete interview here.

My conclusion is nevertheless positive.

Mr. Probst is to be thanked for making the problem public, because everyone can only learn from it, for example

  • To clarify in advance whether the ERP/CRM standard product fits the desired requirements or whether it has
  • to be adapted too much so that it fits the requirements
  • To go through many, many test cases before going live and to check them very carefully
  • Such a project also requires its own strong project team, both in IT and on the user side

In this respect, Liqui Moly is – viewed positively – a warning sign not to underestimate such projects.

Picture: Liqui Moly


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