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Over 7.000 vendors at the 2019 Martech Landscape by Scott Brinker



The new Martech Landscape is here! The 2019 number is: 7.040 providers. Scott Brinker remarks that he could have easily added several hundred more providers – but here he reaches his capacity limits.

Which providers and applications would expand the landscape?
  1. In addition to the USA landscape, more and more regional overviews have been developing in recent years. For example, there is now the Canadian, Finnish, German, Swedish, Chinese Martech Landscape and that of the United Kingdom.
  2. Another field that is only dealt with on the surface is the vertical Martech providers. For example, CRM solutions from the dental industry or even church CRM systems are not to be found on the Landscape.
  3. Many cross-platform third-party apps from the large and rapidly growing marketing suites such as Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, HubSpot, Shopify, Microsoft or G Suite can be seen in the Martech Landscape. But there is a growing number of products designed specifically for the ecosystem of a single platform. And these are not present on the Landscape.
  4. Also missing are the so-called Service Martech applications. Meanwhile, large consulting firms have their own martech apps that have evolved from the service.
  5. Also not included in the Landscape is the Citizen Martech. These are applications that can be created by the user with little or no programming knowledge. A great example of the versatility of these applications: Airtable Universe.

Scott Brinker ends his article on the new Martech Landscape as follows:

“This makes this year’s marketing technology landscape less complete than ever. But still hopefully an impressive demonstration of how extensive and diverse the field of Martech software is.”

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