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webCRM, Danish CRM solution is acquired by Belgian provider Efficy



webCRM is acquired by Efficy

Not only the big players like Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe or SAP are buying up. No, even lesser-known CRM manufacturers want to grow. Efficy, a Belgian CRM manufacturer, has now acquired the Danish CRM manufacturer webCRM. Hence the headline: webCRM is acquired by Efficy.

Briefly on the facts of the two companies:

Efficy webCRM
Customer 5.500 2.500
Countrier 33 20
User 185.000 20.000
Revenue in Mio. € 29 € 5,0 €

The investor FORTINO announced on its website on 17.02. that with this deal and further growth Efficy is aiming for a market share of about 5% in 2024 in the European market.

This is definitely an ambitious goal, considering the market shares worldwide.

But the German and European CRM players will not let this commitment go unanswered. Providers such as Adito, CAS, Cursor and many others will be watching very closely to see who wants to get more involved in their markets.

webCRM is acquired by Efficy – The most important facts about webCRM:

What webCRM tells about itself?

webCRM – clear mission from day one

The founders of webCRM programmed their own CRM system because they simply realized that the systems on the market were too complicated. That is why today you can benefit from webCRM. You get a cloud based CRM system that is very clear and makes it very easy to systematize sales. For webCRM, the mission remains the same – a good CRM system is still one that is used every day.

  • Developed by sales people
  • Easy to use
  • Systematizes sales
  • Easy to customize

webCRM is adopted by Efficy – The most important thing about Efficy:

  • Efficy has the classic functions for the roles, marketing, sales, management and service.
  • The prices for Efficy can be found here
  • A short video introduction can be found here.


Forecasted figures for 2021

€ 35M turnover 300 employees in 15 countries 8,000 clients 205,000 users in 45 countries

Latest highlights

2021: Acquisition of webCRM in Denmark 2020: Acquisition of INES CRM in France 2019: Arrival of Fortino Capital as shareholder 2019: Acquisition of SumaCRM in Spain 2018: Acquisition of E-Deal in France 2017: Acquisition of DESICO in France

About Efficy

Efficy is a software provider offering medium & large businesses a complete, flexible, and extended CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution which helps companies manage their customer relationship.

Founded in 2005, Efficy is ISO 9001 certified and works with companies from a wide variety of sectors: Banking (Belfius, BNP Paribas, Fortuneo), Insurance & Mutual insurance (Amma, Wilink), Social housing, Industry (CEA, Gradus, Poujoulat), Services, Tourism & Transport (Kinepolis, Geneva Tourism), Retail (La Redoute, Groupe Gautier), Legal, Local authorities & Chambers of commerce.

Point of contact

Daniëlla Arbyn Havugimana, Press Officer Phone: +32 476 20 05 10, Email:

Then, the German CRM landscape will also need to be revised soon

Depending on how Efficy acts: Will webCRM be allowed to continue running on its own or will it be integrated at some point? We will see. If you want to see who else is on the Landscape, have a look here.

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