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Dealing with personnel and strategic challenges, a visual representation with speed



Are cabaret artists the better politicians and entrepreneurs?

One or the other already knows Timo Wopp. He studied business administration. He speaks and juggles at a high pace. That’s a great achievement. His short program: Dealing with personnel and strategic challenges – as juggling. Very good, worth seeing.

Not that he tells banal stuff. OK, that too, but a cabaret artist (or is he a comedian?) is also allowed to do that to easily run under the bar below.

It’s not just about content, it’s also about content. That’s the appeal of his show. This makes it clear why he presents such terrific dense content. One idea chases the other.

But see for yourself, if you are just waiting for the juggling, you can get in directly from minute 2:30 of the video. However, the jokes built in front of it are also quite nice. But that’s notoriously in the eye of the beholder, er, listener.

I myself think juggling is the symbol of a leader.

Usually you have too many balls – i.e. projects – in the air. Then you wonder why one or the other ball falls down – one or the other project takes a very long time or hits the wall.

Based on our life experience, we have dealt with this in detail and have come to the conclusion: We all have to throw off ballast again and again or, in other words, dispose of garbage.

One of the most important tasks of an entrepreneur is to “dispose of garbage”. Yes, you read that right. Dispose of garbage. In a figurative sense, of course. Whereby we guys who think this way also pick up the paper snippet on the floor.

But what is the topic of disposing of waste?

Is it dealing with personnel and strategic challenges?

We companies have to free our employees from the many unnecessary tasks. Every day new tasks and ideas arise. And then, of course, someone else in the team also has an idea or a brilliant addition and in no time – everyone is busy up to 100% of the time – or even beyond.

Winter is also a misunderstood season.

In nature, in the past, when there were still cold winters, this time of year was used to give nature peace. No sowing, no fertilization and care, no harvesting. No just peace. And what else did the clever farmers do? They cut back the trees and shrubs. And you could only do that in winter.

As a rule, February was the perfect season for this. Why exactly, you can read here on the topic “Cutting a tree, a strategic task“.

Back to Timo Wopp and his theses:

  • Juggling is the curling of cabaret
  • For him, juggling is nothing more than a haptic PowerPoint presentation

Oh, no, enough written. See for yourself! It’s just worth it. And the great thing, he’s right.

Have fun watching and imitating.

Image source: Screenshot of the above video.


Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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