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SAP aligns companies even more strongly with artificial intelligence

Status: February 15, 2024

SAP NEWSBYTE – February 15, 2024 – SAP has reorganized its artificial intelligence (AI) unit under the leadership of Dr. Philipp Herzig as Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO).

The new unit oversees the entire value chain for SAP Business AI, from product development to research and customer implementation. In this new role, Herzig has reported directly to CEO Christian Klein since January 2024.

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SAP is shaping the future of data-driven business transformation with innovations in the age of AI

Status: 06.03.2024

Jürgen Müller, Chief Technology Officer and member of the Executive Board of SAP SE: “Our latest innovations in SAP Datasphere and the expanded partnership with Collibra are a crucial step in enabling customers to drive their intelligent business transformation through data. “At the heart of these announcements – SAP says – is the Data Fabric for managing business data – an architecture that ensures data is not only used as a resource, but also forms the critical foundation of strategic initiatives.

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SAP announces new commerce cloud payment solution with partners

SAP NEWSBYTE – March 14, 2024 -SAP today announced a new modular payment solution that enables retailers to stay ahead of changing customer expectations.

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SAP announces new commerce cloud payment solution to give retailers a competitive edge through large partner network

Status: 03/14/2024

Modular payment options improve the customer payment experience and help retailers grow their business. New payment options – for example the “Buy Now, Pay Later” offer – are becoming increasingly popular. The new SAP Commerce Cloud, Open Payment Framework solution helps retailers become more agile.

SAP NEWSBYTE – March 14, 2024 – SAP today announced a new modular payment solution to help retailers stay ahead of changing customer expectations. As new payment options – for example, the “Buy Now, Pay Later” offer – grow in popularity, the new SAP Commerce Cloud, Open Payment Framework solution helps retailers become more agile.

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SAP and NVIDIA drive the use of generative AI in enterprise applications for industries worldwide

Status: 03/18/2024

Customers can leverage their business data in SAP cloud solutions with customized large-scale language models implemented with NVIDIA AI Foundry Services and new NVIDIA NIM microservices.

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SAP signs agreement to acquire WalkMe, driving business transformation: Enhances customer experience and enriches SAP’s business AI offerings

As of 06/05/2024

SAP SE and WalkMe Ltd (NASDAQ: WKME) today announced that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement under which SAP will acquire WalkMe, a leading provider of Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP).

WalkMe’s solutions help organizations manage constant technological change by providing users with advanced guidance and automation capabilities. This allows workflows to be executed seamlessly across any number of applications. This leads to higher user adoption of the underlying applications, increasing the value that organizations want to achieve with the introduction of new software.

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SAP publishes results for Q1 2024

Status: 22.04.2024

WALLDORF – SAP SE today published its results for the first quarter of 2024 (January 1 – March 31).

Cloud revenue up 24%, or 25% at constant currency, supported by currency-adjusted growth
revenue growth of 32% for the Cloud ERP Suite.

Current Cloud Backlog increases by 27% to € 14.2 billion or by 28% at constant currency.

Cloud gross profit (IFRS) increases by 27%, cloud gross profit (non-IFRS) increases by 27% or 28% at constant currency.

Operating loss (IFRS) of € -0.8 billion due to a restructuring provision of € 2.2 billion.

Operating profit (non-IFRS) increases by 16% or 19% at constant currency despite higher share-based payments due to the strong increase in the share price

Outlook for 2024 confirmed

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SAP integrates enterprise AI into entire cloud portfolio and partners with innovative AI providers to help customers realize their full potential

As of 6/4/2024

ORLANDO, Florida – At its annual SAP Sapphire customer conference, SAP unveiled innovations and partnerships for generative AI that will open up new possibilities for organizations in the age of artificial intelligence. SAP is embedding enterprise AI into the cloud portfolio for the business-critical processes of organizations around the world and partnering with companies that are setting new standards with AI. This gives customers worldwide completely new insights and promotes the development of creative ideas.

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SAP updates dividend policy

Status: June 5, 2024

WALLDORF – SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) today announced an immediately effective update to its dividend policy. The new policy provides for a dividend payout of at least 40% of non-IFRS net income after tax from continuing operations (previously: at least 40% of IFRS net income after tax).

This change is intended to reduce fluctuations in the dividend payout ratio and ensure a close link between the dividend payout and the financial result.

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SAP updates targets for 2025 and announces transformation program for 2024

Status 01/23/2024

SAP is planning a comprehensive transformation program and restructuring for 2024. The updated targets for 2025 take into account expenses for share-based payments. SAP is increasingly focusing on key growth areas such as AI and is planning an organizational restructuring. A company-wide restructuring program is planned for 2024, which is expected to cost around €2 billion. The updated targets for 2025 include a cloud gross profit of around €16.2 billion, an operating profit of around €10.0 billion and a

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SAP announces new AI-powered retail capabilities to optimize the customer experience – from planning to personalization

As of 11.01.2023

SAP has announced new AI-powered retail capabilities to help retailers optimize their business processes and increase profitability and customer loyalty. The solutions range from precise demand forecasting and replenishment functions for stores to order management for procurement and availability. The SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform also integrates TikTok and LinkedIn for targeted digital ads to drive customer engagement. This enables retailers to better engage with their target audiences, improve the shopping experience and build trusted relationships

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SAP is messing with almost half of its customers. Why?

As of 10/05/2023

Based on the latest strategic decisions and events (DSAG conference), we took a look at SAP. SAP has decided to offer innovations only in the cloud, on-premise customers are being left behind (according to the current situation). SAP has been performing a balancing act for some time now, and this decision will not make it any easier.

Here are my thoughts on this and the full article.

Everything about AI at SAP – on one topic page

Status 08/25/2023

SAP has created a separate topic page on the subject of AI/AI. It is linked directly on the homepage. Whether it’s about finance, supply chains, procurement, CRM, CX, marketing and sales, interested parties can get an initial overview through this compilation.

Click here to go to the topic page

Strengthening trust in a digital world

Status: 23.08.2023

Elena Kvochko, Chief Trust Officer at SAP, provides an overview of the most important concepts and measures in a short video.

The most important thing: Companies with a high value for trust are significantly more successful than those that are not so well assessed. SAP speaks here of a factor of 4:1!

Here to the short article or short video.

Events-2-Business Action Framework – Creating a Service Ticket in SAP CX

Status 08/25/2023

Companies are driving the digitization of factories, plants, warehouses, and business networks, creating an ecosystem by connecting information technology (IT) with operational technology (OT). Bridging the gaps between different landscapes and processes with integrated frameworks is key to building a seamless, efficient, bi-directional collaborative ecosystem.

Read the blog post here

SAP Signavio – process optimization – a topic page

Status 08/25/2023

Acquired by SAP in March 2021, the topic has become increasingly important. Because without clean processes, a lot of things are manual work. Automation is the order of the day. Therefore, the purchase of Signavio – the business process management software – was an important building block for SAP.

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4 CIOs and DSAG representatives take a sometimes very critical look at SAP

Status: 06/28/2023

The portal “” recently posted an article that definitely reflects SAP’s dilemma.

“SAP’s product strategy and roadmap, the cloud focus and associated business cases, and the question of how to map business processes end-to-end given the diverse solution portfolio. The German-speaking SAP User Group (DSAG) invited participants to an online roundtable on these topics. Four CIOs took part in the discussion: Alexander Brauschke, CIO at Knüppel Verpackung GmbH & Co. KG Excor Korrosionsschutz-Technologien und -Produkte GmbH, Gerhard Göttert, CIO at Autobahn Tank & Rast GmbH, Thomas Henzler, CIO at Piller Blowers & Compressors GmbH and DSAG Board Member for Licenses, Service & Support, and Sebastian Westphal, Global Head of ERP Operations and Transformation at SPS Germany (formerly Swiss Post Solutions) and DSAG Board Member for Technology.

e.g. “Thomas Henzler initially criticizes the high dynamics of the cloud solutions here, which in part are now being replaced by new solutions after just a few years, as in the example of the “CX” modules, or even disappear completely. “Many components that were included in the core of the Business Suite, we now have to map as so-called extensions on the Business Technology Platform.”

Here is the link to the article

The Handelsblatt also brings a few very critical voices on this on 07/24/2023. Here is the link, but the complete text is unfortunately behind a paywall.

SAP completes sale of Qualtrics

Status: 06/28/2023

SAP sells Qualtrics with its shares to technology investor Silver Lake Management and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB).

SAP: Order management in the retail trade

Status: 22.06.2023

Retailers are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with changing sales and delivery patterns. Order management software can help bridge the gap between traditional retail operations and modern processes. Although order management is an important part of the omnichannel concept, optimizing its implementation is often problematic. Much depends on where their customers are, where their products come from, and how they can best balance these two factors while providing a great customer experience.

SAP and its AI vision

Status: 05/16/2023

In a conference in Orlando, SAP talked to its customers about innovations and new ways of working together.

These include AI (artificial intelligence) built into the business solution, accounting to track CO2 emissions, and strengthening supply chains.

SAP Customer Experience

Status: 03/22/2023

The portfolio of SAP Customer Experience (CX) solutions is characterized by industry-specific requirements.

“Our customers have made it very clear to us what they want: they need more flexibility within their business processes and at the same time want to reduce the cost of integrating a multitude of solutions from different providers. In addition, a seamless user and customer experience – from finance to supply chain to retail – is a must. The underlying applications must therefore ensure that user and customer needs can be met in real time.” – From the SAP article:

SAP bekennt sich klar zu CX und CE-Produkten

Stand 01.03.2023

Die Aussage, dass SAP sich nur noch auf Kernthemen fokussieren möchte, führte zu einer Unsicherheit, wie es mit den SAP CX/CE/CRM- (Customer Experience bzw. Customer Relationship Management)-Produkten weitergeht.

Und ja, SAP bekennt sich zur Fortführung dieser Produktgruppe. In einem Statement (siehe Link) wird klar kommuniziert.

Zitat aus der Meldung: “Einige Stimmen im Markt interpretieren das Bekenntnis der SAP zu einer branchenorientierten Strategie so, dass die SAP sich nicht mehr für die zentralen Bedürfnisse unserer Kunden einsetzt, angefangen bei unserem CX-Portfolio. Um es klar zu sagen: SAP wird weiterhin Lösungen für das Kundenerlebnis (CX/CRM) anbieten. Jetzt werden wir uns darauf konzentrieren, eine Branchenbrille hinzuzufügen, maßgeschneiderte CX-Lösungen zu liefern und das Front-Office mit dem Back-Office zusammenzubringen, um den unübertroffenen Wert zu bieten, den Kunden von SAP-Lösungen erwarten.”


SAP publishes quarterly results

Status: 01/26/2023

SAP published its figures for the fourth quarter. Revenue is 8.44 billion euros (previously 7.98). The profit is 1.71 billion euros (before 1.46).


SAP now accepts IT professionals without university degrees

Status: 12/07/2022

Due to the shortage of skilled workers in the IT sector, SAP has decided to invite applicants without a university degree.

SAP restructures its product portfolio

Status: 12/10/2022

According to SAP CEO Christian Klein, in the future the company will only invest in projects that promise growth. In addition, the latest learning platform Litmos is to be sold. SAP for SMEs is also being phased out.

Hasso Plattner Award in the “Go-To Market” Category

Status: 11/22/2022

The Hasso Plattner Award nominates employees for special thinking and innovations. All finalists for this year can be found here:


Milkman Last Mile is now available in the SAP Store

Status 11/08/2022

With the Milkman platform, it is possible to get real-time delivery status information and it can now be connected to SAP Transport Management and SAP Commerce Cloud.

Milkman Last Mile goals include:

  • Greener deliveries through fewer miles driven and lower CO₂ emissions.
  • Exceeding expectations from recipients by being able to respond accurately to requests
  • Reducing calls to inquire about the location of the package
  • Automation of delivery processes

SAP publishes its figures for the 3rd quarter

Status 10/25/2022

The key results are growth in the cloud business and missing the profit target. However, revenue forecasts were exceeded.


Price increases at SAP

Status: 09/13/2022

Annual prices for SAP cloud service plans increased 3.3 percent. In recent years, users have based their biggest reservations about SAP cloud solutions on concerns about cost stability. DSAG makes its statement:

Flytxt CLTVAI for CX tool is now available in SAP Store

Status: 09/13/2022

Flytxt leverages SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) integration capabilities and integrates with SAP Customer Data Platform to generate actionable customer data and analytics that drive workflows and AI. This leads to optimized business outcomes and a better customer experience.

New CFO at SAP

Dominik Asam is to become the new Chief Financial Officer at SAP. He was previously CFO and member of the Executive Committee at Airbus.

Asam starts on March 7, 2023, and Luka Mucic (his predecessor) will remain on the Executive Board until March 31, 2023.


Francisco Partners acquires learning platform Litmos from SAP

Status: 08/18/2022

The learning platform Litmos will be sold to the financial investor Francisco Partners for several hundred million, according to information from corporate circles obtained by the Handelsblatt. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2022 and is subject to the usual regulatory approvals.

According to SAP’s press release, Meg Bear, president and chief product officer, SAP SuccessFactors, said, “As a result of SAP’s ongoing enterprise-wide portfolio review, we have identified overlapping offerings and functionality between SAP SuccessFactors Learning and Litmos.”


Podcast with Alexa Gorman, SAP’s startup whisperer.

Status: 08/17/2022

Alexa Gorman has now been working at SAP for 23 years. With her team, Alexa Gorman coordinates several hundred companies that cooperate with the tech company worldwide. She is a guest on the ntv tech podcast “So techt Deutschland”.

SAP: 8-TIME LEADER in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce!

Status: 08/18/2022

For the eighth consecutive year, SAP has been named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Digital Commerce. This makes SAP the only vendor to be consistently recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Digital Commerce Magic Quadrant since its inception in 2014.

50 years of SAP: Olaf Scholz and Winfried Kretschmann guests at anniversary celebration

Status: 07/31/2022

At SAP’s 50th anniversary celebration, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Minister President Winfried Kretschmann were among around 850 invited guests at the SAP Arena in Mannheim. Both gave a speech. Among other things, they talked about the cooperation between politics and the digital economy.


SAP Analytics team at Adesso gets bigger

Status: 07/29/2022

Adesso expands SAP Analytics expertise with acquisition of Quadox. As a result, the team of experts in the field of SAP Analytics increases from 35 to 70 employees.,3341222

Quarterly figures from SAP

Status: 07/21/2022

In the 2nd quarter, SAP performs with a significant decline in earnings.

This is due to the increased costs of the business in Ukraine and the discontinuation of business in Russia and Belarus. In addition, there is the burden of a weak license business and the unsuccessful investments in several start-ups.

Highlights of the SAP Annual General Meeting

Status: 05/19/2022

First, the re-election of Hasso Plattner for another two years was a highlight. 91% voted for Plattner, although some shareholders had announced they would vote against him. Secondly, a special dividend was paid out.

SAP wants to sell Litmos

Status: 05/03/2022

Litmos is a learning platform that is worth 1 billion euros. The reason for this is the focus on the core business


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