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DMEXCO: Optimizely presents advantages of digital testing




Optimizely, a platform for optimizing the user experience, represents an important discipline at DMEXCO with digital experimentation.

Used in addition to market analyses and other evaluations, it can be used to increase sales and conversion rates, improve operating efficiency and minimise risks, as Sandra Schroeter, Product Marketing Manager at Optimizely, explained in a seminar on the first day of the trade fair. An important message: Digital experimentation means more than just the occasionally familiar A/B testing.

To understand it, two variants of a product, a solution, a campaign or similar are tested against each other. For this purpose, the target group is divided and each group is confronted with a different variant of the product at the same time. The analysis of the reactions provides information on how the desired results can be better achieved. Thus, the less successful variant can be put aside at an early stage and the successful one can be followed up. This in turn not only saves costs, but also increases success. Most of those who experiment in this way use the A/B test described above, explained Sandra Schroeter from Optimizely.

Experimenting is more than an A/B test

But research shows that the best results are achieved when testing five different variants. This corresponds to a multivariant test. The greater success does not mean, however, that only this one should be used. Because there are even more possibilities. These include the “Painted Door Test”, the “Performance Test”, the “Test of an Algorithm” and the “Test of a Business Model”. Depending on the objective, it is important to choose the most suitable one.

It is then important to turn the results into decisions and to learn from the results in order to optimize the digital experience. This is a complete process. That it works is not only shown by companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft, but also by and Delivery Hero. The bottom line: It is worthwhile to focus on digital experimentation in addition to market analysis and analysis. The investment often pays off after only a few months.

Customer-oriented approach

One reason for this is the customer-oriented approach. Testing provides information about the current wishes and expectations of customers. This enables companies to align themselves with them. This is precisely what is essential for success, as described in the article “Successful digitization needs customer orientation”. Because not every target group demands the “latest technology”. This must be found out as early as possible. In this case, companies can apply the brakes in time and do not fail. On the contrary: They can rejoice – like Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulb, who said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

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