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Unicorn Startups – the unicorns of the economy at a glance



CB Insight has been providing a free list of all Unicorn startups since 2010

“The Complete List Of Unicorn Companies” – under this title you will find a list of all current unicorrns maintained by CB Insight. Unicorns are (former) startups that have now reached a valuation of more than $1 billion. This list now includes 617 companies from 34 countries. The cumulative total value of all companies is over $2 trillion.

We have already reported on this list here before.

Who tops the list of unicorn companies and what else stands out?

As was to be assumed, countries such as the USA or China stand out above all. The USA clearly leads the list in a country comparison with 304 unicorns, followed by China with 139 unicorn startups. Hong Kong is listed individually. Hong Kong alone has 4 Unicorn companies.

But Germany doesn’t have to hide either. Germany ranks 5th behind the United Kingdom and India. However, with “only” 15 Unicorn startups. Based on the cumulative total value of all unicorns in a country, Germany even slips to 6th place with a capital of $ 27.63 billion. As the leading nation, the USA has a value of over $1 trillion. So they alone account for half of the total value of all unicorns worldwide.

No surprise is Israel

The relatively small country of Israel is adorned with 12 unicorn startups. This puts Israel in 7th place from the point of view of the number of unicorns. However, when looking at the cumulative value of $16.27 billion for the 12 Israeli startups, Israel falls 2 places behind. The 10 unicorns from South Korea are currently valued at $21.69 billion.

Are there industries that stand out especially through unicorns?

Basically, it can be stated that especially the usual, “suspicious” industries can be found in the top places: Internet and software as well as – just behind – fintech share the first place (96 vs. 94 companies). This is followed by e-commerce and AI.

The healthcare industry ranks 5th. It includes 43 Unicorn startups.

With regard to the evaluation, the result looks slightly different. Fintech remains in first place with $376.95 billion, but Internet and software slips to 3rd place ($219.28 billion). 2nd place in this comparison goes to AI ($286.04 billion). Another winner in this comparison is the automotive and transport industry, as it climbs from 6th to 4th place.

Israel also stands out in terms of industries. With 3 Unicorn startups in the field of cybersecurity, Israel ranks 2nd in an international comparison. Only the US counts more unicorn startups in this business. This development in Israel is not surprising, but rather shows a strong trend towards cybersecurity.

What is the situation of Unicorn startups in Germany?

It’s no big surprise that fintech is also in first place in Germany. With 4 Unicorn startups, this industry clearly leads the comparison. The health sector follows in 2nd place.

Looking at the individual companies, there is a surprise: 1st place goes to two companies. To Otto Bock HealthCare and N26. Both companies are worth about $3.5 billion. and represent both the healthcare sector and the fintech industry. This is followed by Celonis from the field of data management & analysis and FlixBus from the transport sector.

In total, Germany has 15 unicorn startups with a total value of $27.63 billion.


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