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Do you still carry your data from left to right, from tool to tool?



With the motto “a lot helps a lot” you achieve exactly the opposite in the software landscape and in marketing

We spotted a new article at Chief MarTech. Airtable has created a Marketing Trend Report. Now we’ve taken a look at the results.

How much time per week do marketers spend on manual, operational tasks?

This chart shows that unfortunately there is still far too much manual or operational work. The highest value that comes to light as a result of the survey: 30% to 39% of their time is frittered away by 33% of the marketing managers or marketing executives surveyed.

Those who indicated “20% or more manual labor” account for a total of 90%.


That’s a bit too much. Bear in mind that only the marketing department is considered here. The figure will be even larger if the sales department is included.

Let’s move on to the next chart:
How many martech tools do marketing teams use?

This chart shows that many individual tools are used in companies. Here, the median is 20 to 29 tools. Blissfully published a study on this, we reported, plus they put together a great video that simply illustrates the issue.

The problem is that many MarTech tools do not yet interact with each other. The right tools need to be tightly integrated to drive automation!

This makes it even more important to make the right software choices to prevent a desert of tools.

What do we see in this chart?

The last chart unfortunately brings the worst news: the more tools, the more manual effort. What is the reason for this? It may be due to the lack of interfaces. The chart casts a critical light on strategic planning and on collaboration between IT and marketing.

That’s why it’s even more important to have a strategic big picture of the IT and software landscape, to pursue this consistently, and to make the right software choices in the process to prevent a desert of tools. This also means simply doing away with or replacing one tool or another.

Do you need help with software selection or support with software implementation? A big picture is an important place to start

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