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Explainer videos: Key to effective communication in B2B + B2C and more customer experience



Explainer videos for a better customer experience: I recently saw a great video from the Kepler University Hospital in Linz, Austria, on the topic of when you should and shouldn’t go to the emergency room. It was the most clicked video in my long LinkedIn time. Over 60,000 views within 1 month, including almost 50,000 in one week. Why was that? It was simply clear and concise in its communication. In principle, everyone understood it.

Okay, it hit on a very clear topic and almost everyone felt addressed by it. You can see that from the fact that when I posted it again 4 days later in a professional context, we had almost 3,000 views to date. These figures also inspired me to ask the question:

Why aren’t important things explained more often by video?

Or to put it another way:

Explainer videos are an effective means of communication for companies, both in the B2B and B2C sectors. I.e. explanatory videos for a better customer experience

A second impulse came from a personal experience:

The door of a kitchen cupboard was, for whatever reason, unhinged. As a person who is not very good at DIY, I thought: How can I quickly get this (well-known in specialist circles) cup hinge back in place?

So I searched for a video on YouTube. I quickly found a company that had over 100,000 views with this video. But the company does much more than that. It also markets an innovation. They also explain what is special about it in a video.

What is so fascinating about BändlFix?

Take a look at the BändlFix video, for example. OK, it doesn’t have that many views yet. But it’s another wonderful example of explanatory videos for a better customer experience

What fascinates me about it?

It’s homemade. It is authentic. Of course, there is a clear concept behind it, a well-defined story for each video, a video professional who then edits the whole thing together. But that’s not the great art, I don’t mean that disrespectfully towards KuebaTec.

Instead, their genius lies in a) doing it, b) doing it in such a way that everyone understands it and – what is perhaps still missing – c) turning it into an instruction for action – a Next Best Action (NBA for short).

What is an NBA?

An NBA has a clear goal: “What should the reader, viewer, customer do next? In other words: the story, the video, the story must result in an action. Otherwise all the effort will have been in vain (to justify this, many call it image advertising). What exactly should happen? e.g.

After the video, the viewer recommends the video to others.

The viewer buys a product

The viewer goes to the webshop and searches for additional products and services

What are the benefits of explanatory videos for a better customer experience?

They simplify complex information, increase engagement and improve understanding of products or services.

Examples of explainer videos for a better customer experience in marketing and sales:

B2B: In B2B communication, explainer videos help to make complicated technical products or services understandable. For example, a manufacturer of industrial machinery can use a video to present the technical specifications and benefits of its latest innovation in detail. This allows decision-makers to quickly grasp the benefits and speed up the purchase decision.

B2C: In the B2C sector, explanatory videos can create emotional connections and bring products to life. An example would be a manufacturer of sports equipment showing a video in which the customer sees the product in action and thus better understands how it can improve their training.

Examples of explainer videos for a better customer experience in the service sector:

B2B: Explainer videos can be used to educate customers on how to use a product correctly, which is particularly useful in industries such as software development. A software company could create videos explaining the new features of an update to ensure that business customers can use them effectively.

B2C: In customer service, explainer videos can answer frequently asked questions or show solutions to problems. For example, a manufacturer of household appliances could offer a video on troubleshooting a washing machine so that customers can fix minor problems themselves without having to contact support.

Conclusion and summary:

Overall, explainer videos are a universal solution that can add value to both a company’s internal and external communications. They are particularly effective at making complex content accessible and strengthening customer loyalty, regardless of whether they are business or private customers.

They create a digital experience for the customer, a wow effect or even a positive customer experience that leaves a lasting impression and builds loyalty. What more could you want?


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