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How well do CMOs know MarTech/CRM tech topics? A C-level comparison



How well do CMOs know MarTech/CRM tech topics? A C-level comparison

At Scott Brinker we came across an interesting article. In summary, one could write: CMO and MarTech + CRMTech topics. One of two studies shows that CMOs who would have to operate the topic of MarTech or CRM tech fall behind their C-level colleagues in the know-how comparison. Which is not good for the topic or not good for the CMO.

What is the result of the study?

CMOs Don't Appreciate Technology? Really?
White Paper: How Applications Impact Customer Experience (Rackspace Technology)

In the ranking, the CMOs did not finish very well. With 22%, they occupy the penultimate place within the C-level consideration. And this shows the dilemma of the market.

  • The CMO should be “at the forefront” as a driver of customer experience and user experience topics.
  • The Chief Sales Officer was not explicitly queried.

Scott comments on the topic “CMO and MarTech + CRMTech Topics” somewhat smugly:

Only the CROs are judged to be even weaker. But the lives in the same orbit as the CMOs. It “almost hit him on the buttocks” when he read the result. Especially since there are quite considerable budgets for investments within the responsibility of CMO’s.

Only, Scott rightly asks: Who took part in this survey as respondent? That was 1,420 senior IT decision makers. Scott concludes: This result is a conclusion from the long-standing struggles between IT, marketing and sales.

The survey surveyed 1,420 senior IT decision makers.

In this respect, one puts this first study on the side as an example and looks at a second study – carried out by the CMO Council. This study is titled “Rate the State of Marketing.”

Gaps in the Marketing Organization

This chart shows that 42% still consider the modernization of marketing organization, systems and operational systems as the most important challenge. Conversely, this means that 58% have their organization and systems more or less under control.

Let’s get to the chart on the essential roles of the CMO:

Essential Roles of a CMO

With answers 1 and 2, it was agreed that CMOs are mainly advocates of customer experiences and leaders of digital transformation/marketing automation.

CMO and MarTech + CRMTech Topics

But as we have seen at the top of the statements of the senior IT professionals, this role is not so easily assigned to you or the necessary skills are denied.

If you want to go into more detail, you can take a look at the original article. We have linked it here.

More about Scott Brinker can be found here

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