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Marketing Technologists, Data Analysts, Campaign Managers – The new roles in CRM, Marketing and Sales



CRM – new positions, new job profiles, new training.
I’m a Scott Brinker fan. I don’t need to stress that for long. I am also currently writing my manifesto, which he initiated in 2017.

Today, in a video interview with his publisher MarTech Today, he brings a few important points to light: CRM needs new positions, new job profiles, new training and I think also new organizational structures.

We will report and comment on a lot more in the coming weeks. The series started with my interview with Renate Hanke from hbkpartners in Hamburg. We are both members of the Digital Excellence Group, a network of specialists that advises every company on the digitization of the transformation of off- to online business models. We also help, and this is Renate’s top job, to find the right people.

But that’s not easy.

New requirements arise, e.g. due to MarTech or CRMTech. The requirement profiles are changing due to new possibilities of the software, but also due to a changed cooperation. We talked through the profile of the data analyst live, here is the exciting video.

So that not everyone has to watch the whole video, the jump marks are listed below.

“In this inaugural session of MarTech Live, MarTech Today Editorial Director Kim Davis speaks with Scott Brinker, who is perhaps the most recognized marketing technologist in the world. They look at how the archetypes for marketing technologists have grown as martech becomes even more woven into the fabric of modern marketing.
  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 2:10 – How organizations are leveraging their marketing operations leaders
  • 5:10 – The scope of marketing is steadily expanding
  • 8:55 – Marketing technologists as agents of change
  • 10:56 – Marketing maestros and how they operate
  • 14:53 – Marketing vs. IT and their relationship over martech
  • 16:26 – Makers and the experiences they build for customers
  • 18:02 – Modellers and the growing need for data experts in marketing
  • 22:15 – The no-code movement in marketing
  • 27:01 – Managing marketing technologists
  • 32:04 – How attitudes to buying SaaS-based tools may be changing
  • 35:15 – On the impact of COVID on marketing and martech
  • 39:44 – Choosing primary solutions to lead channel marketing (a.k.a. platforming)
  • 42:39 – Agile marketing and using it to accelerate change
  • 45:45 – Working in the “new world” ” Source: (vom 11.10.2020)

CRM – new positions, new job profiles, new training

Have fun watching. And get straight to work on “CRM – new positions, new job profiles, new training”, because the sooner you tackle the topic, the faster you achieve your success. Education, training of existing employees and search for new employees for these central tasks – these are important success criteria. Not only recently, but for over 30 years. Only today more than ever.


Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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