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Three characteristics for successful agile marketing – and the example of Spotify



Create the Right Agile Marketing Roles & Run Agile Meetings

How to create the right agile marketing roles and put them in the right meetings. An in-depth guide to flat teams, agile leadership, and optimizing all your agile marketing ceremonies.
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This article is thematically rather a rarity. Why? Because it looks deep into the often secret details of an organization. Using the practical example of Spotify, some features are explained. Three of them are important for successful, agile marketing.

Who is or what role does an agile team have to play?
What contribution must each role make?
Which different meetings are needed for collaboration?

Especially the topic meeting is often neglected. In internal surveys, which we conduct regularly, meetings are often critically evaluated:

  • Participants take part unprepared
  • The planned agenda items are not or only partially processed, therefore
  • unpopular because no result, therefore
  • Time Eaters

In this respect it is worthwhile to read this article at your leisure. Imitation is allowed, but adapting to one’s culture can make sense.

Every manager is advised to devote himself to this topic, as there are many reserves in it. Or in other words. Agile marketing with the handbrake on does not deserve its name, let alone be successful.

The article deals with three different points on the subject of roles. It examines the organizational setup and the classification in the hierarchy (as flat as possible).

Who is the owner of the marketing process must – in my opinion – have decision-making authority. Otherwise the agility does not work here either.

Very often companies boast of being “agile”, but a small, agile island in a “formalistic shop” only gets fractions of the potential out of itself.

Interim conclusion: The entire culture must become agile, not just marketing.

Other issues that will be addressed are:

Does it need a coach?
What do daily stand ups look like?
How does agile marketing planning work?

The practical example of Spotify shows at least in the beginning how this can look like in practice. In my opinion, it serves mainly as an impulse, because, I like to repeat myself, every culture requires its own characteristics. Simply copying them leads to negative rather than positive consequences or results.

For B2C companies this idea may be a model, but in B2B the game is of course a different one. Without a deep integration of sales and marketing, nobody needs to say the word agility.

Also interesting: Who am I? And if so, how many? Is the role of a Marketing Director (CMO) clearly defined or still defined in a contemporary way?

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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