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16 Key of the 3,800 Shopify Apps That Contribute to Ecommerce Success



Shopify now offers web store owners a choice of over 3,800 apps. Goal of all apps, even more sales, even more usability, even more user experience…

Each of them claims to improve sales and help businesses grow, but not all of them work. So how do you know what to avoid and which applications will boost your Shopify conversion rate?

This article by the agency Convertize shows you, among other things:

  • Conversion rate statistics and benchmarks for a Shopify store
  • Top 16 Applications to Boost Your Shopify Conversion Rate
  • How to get the most out of your apps

This includes apps with the following features:

  1. Nudgify (Social Proof App)
  2. Fast Checkout (Page Feature)
  3. Privy(Pop-ups)
  4. Smile Rewards(Customer Loyalty App)
  5. Growave(Social Proof/Customer Loyalty App)
  6. Shogun(Page Builder)
  7. Optimonk(Pop-ups)
  8. Social Photos (Social Proof app)
  9. OptinMonster (Pop-ups)
  10. Yotpo Reviews (Social Proof app)
  11. Swell (Customer Loyalty App)
  12. Wishlist (Page Feature)
  13. Bizzy Social Proof (Social Proof app)
  14. Campaign Monitor (Email Marketing)
  15. Trust (Page Feature)
  16. FirePush (Re-marketing)

Read more here

Click here for the Shopify app store. Over 3,800 apps are in the categories

  • Find a product
  • Sales Channels
  • Shop Design
  • Marketing
  • Revenue and Conversion
  • Orders and Shipping
  • Inventory
  • Customer
  • Trust and security and
  • Finances


Especially on the subject of CRM and Shopify, there are (currently 73) apps here.

Also interesting: We show you the best free Apps for Startups to Kickstart Growth


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