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CRM and marketing automation software for publishers – an overview



At the end of July, the 60-page special issue “crm & marketing automation” of dpr (digital publishing report) was published. The dpr magazine describes itself as “the magazine for the digital transformation of the media industry”. The special issue gives a good overview of the topics around CRM and marketing automation especially for media companies. It contains many tips to help companies meet the challenges they face when choosing a suitable marketing automation solution.

Steffen Meier, founder and editor of dpr, reports in his foreword on existing knowledge gaps in the areas of “Customer Relationship Management” and “Marketing Automation” on the part of the publishers. He would like to close these knowledge gaps with this special issue.

The main topics are: Contributions by various authors on the topics of CRM and marketing automation and an overview of providers of CRM systems especially for media companies

The first contributions such as “crm systems – what do we need them for, what can they actually do, how do you choose them?” by Ulrich Spiller and “customer-relationship management is not a technology, but a corporate strategy” by Steffen Meier, illustrate once again why publishers should concern themselves with the topic of “CRM” at all.

Other contributions are dedicated, for example, to the connection between CRM and e-mail, the importance of all-in-one software for publishers or the advantages of marketing automation solutions. An article on methods of target group analysis completes the main topics.

Supplier overview with 9 suppliers compared according to 18 criteria

The supplier overview “CRM & Marketing Automation for Media Companies” profiles 9 suppliers according to various criteria. A brief description provides a quick overview of the focus of each provider. The criteria are divided into the headings a) functional areas (such as analytical CRM, operational CRM and contact management) and b) technical details (such as the range of cloud and on-premise solutions or mobile solutions). For each provider, the interested party will find the contact person with his or her contact details.

Software and providers in a brief overview:

  1. Publishing software COVER from Cover Softwarelösungen GmbH & Co. KG
  2. Daypaio
  3. mediaSuite X CRM by [ frevel & fey ] Software Systeme GmbH
  4. CRM software from GEDYS IntraWare GmbH
  5. AG-VIP from Grutzeck-Software GmbH
  6. knk Customer Engagement GmbH (a company of the knk group)
  7. NTX – Fornoff and Heintzenberg GmbH
  8. OOURS from sinobit GmbH
  9. EDDY from Triagon Software GmbH


The special issue offers the searcher many interesting tips and suggestions for a future software selection. 9 providers compete for the reader’s favour. The basic tenor in the magazine can be summarized, as we also noted in our postcard: New technologies without a strategy are like fishing in the dark.

The target group that dpr wants to address are executives and project managers who are currently working on the hot topic of CRM and marketing automation.

Click here for the free dpr special issue: crm & marketing automation

You can also find a selection of other CRM software in our comparsion of providers.

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