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Salesforce Acquires Mobify – a Headless Commerce Provider



Salesforce acquires Mobify, a headless commerce provider. These reported various news portals – including

There was a short forced break on the subject of takeovers of companies due to Corona. The talks between Salesforce and Mobify were certainly already underway before, but have just recently come to an end. The latest deal by SugarCRM, which bought the AI company Node, also shows that the takeover carousel is turning again.

And probably because of Corona even faster than before. We already reported at the beginning of May 2020 who, whom, why might want or could buy. Just because of Corona, the big ones don’t seem to have faltered. Therefore, we are curious to see whether small or medium-sized companies are now easier to take over.

Salesforce acquires Mobify a headless commerce provider: So what exactly does Mobify do?

“Our mission is to help companies deliver amazing digital experiences to all people.

Mobify is a modern web shop window front for “headless eCommerce”. It enables retailers and corporate brands to continuously innovate their digital customer experience without taking operational risks. By outsourcing the complexity of hosting, securing, scaling and monitoring the web storefront, Mobify ensures the success and availability of one of your biggest revenue drivers.”

What is a headless commerce solution?

I admit, the term made me walk around a bit headless at first. Why do you call a technical functional area “headless”? In search of the explanation and justification, I found the following in

“A headless commerce platform focuses on all backend processes such as calculations and data storage. All of this data is then made available via a flexible e-commerce API. This makes it possible to easily connect all kinds of frontends (“heads”) from standard webshops and mobile devices to voice assistants and car commerce scenarios.”

Furthermore, the colleagues of write:

“Advantages of headless commerce are

Flexibility: Full control over the frontend without having to adhere to rigid structures defined by the software vendor

Speed and agility: Experiment and A/B test new features without compromising backend stability

Performance enhancement: Different touchpoints have different scaling requirements. By separating front-end and back-end functionality, the customer experience becomes faster and easier to use.”

If you want to see another explainer video, you can watch this approximately 22-minute video by a Forrester analyst.

Further information can be found here

Salesforce Acquires Mobify, a Headless Commerce Provider

Back to Mobify: Who does Mobify work for?

“Customers include digital innovators such as Under Armour, Lancôme, Debenhams, Cosnova, Mackage, Syo & Kioa, Shiseido and Space NK.”

What is the reason to buy Salesforce Mobify?

“Mobify brings new website development tools to’s Commerce Cloud software to customize B2B and e-commerce websites and applications for retail,”

“According to Crunchbase, Salesforce is paying $60 million for Mobify. Salesforce declined to comment directly on the deal, and a spokesperson referred a reporter to the blog announcing the proposed acquisition and posted by Mobify CEO Igor Faletski.”

Faletski, a member of the Salesforce Partner Advisory Board for Commerce, writes in his blog: “Mobify will equip Salesforce Commerce Cloud with a modern storefront solution that will enable brands to customize their retail experiences faster and more frequently, provide an improved shopping experience across every channel, and further increase conversion and sales to drive success in the Digital First Economy.

Gartner seems to be a big friend of Mobify, as the company has been named as an example 6 times in one of Gartner’s Hype Cycle Reports.

Conclusion to: Salesforce acquires Mobify a headless commerce provider

If you put the statements together, Salesforce is increasingly intervening in the B2C area. This is certainly also interesting for companies in B2B commerce. Salesforce didn’t spend that much money on that alone. The potential is too great not to get more of the big cake.

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