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A new trend? Tesla replaces Salesforce with its own CRM! Danger for standard software manufacturers?



Various tech portals in the USA report that the car manufacturer Tesla is replacing the CRM software it has introduced in sales with its own software.

This is certainly exciting to observe and to follow very closely. Three employees from the sales department report to the business insider that Tesla has currently started working in parallel with the new, self-developed tool. Salesforce is thus slowly but surely being replaced. The complete changeover should “take place in the near future”, report the three insiders.

The reason given by these Tesla employees is “Tesla’s decision to develop its own CRM system aligns with its desire for vertical integration and continues a trend toward making its own software for internal functions rather than using third-party systems.

Exciting, because every manager of a CRM standard software manufacturer will be wide awake by now at the latest. Is this the beginning of a turnaround in the market? Away from standard to individual software?

Is Tesla initiating a new development in the market?

In my opinion, this decision is absolutely understandable. Because the adjustments (customizing, as it is so nicely called) of the “even so flexible praised CRM or also ERP software products” have already become a very expensive fun for the one or other company leader.

Who wants standard?

Maybe at the beginning. So over the years the standard is adapted to “his” needs. And that can become really expensive if the wrong software is chosen.

The name of the in-house development is called Tesla Operating System (TOS) in an internal e-mail available to the business insider. But according to the employees, this is not an official name.

I have confidence in Elon Musk that he will later launch this product on the market and sell it to other companies.

In addition to Tesla, Lyft, Uber’s competitor, also recently published that Uber has knitted its own marketing automation solution. After a thorough examination of the standard solutions available on the market, it quickly became clear that self-programming is better, cheaper – and above all – more individual.

Very, very exciting. We will be watching and reporting as soon as there is any news.

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Picture: Pixabay

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