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Marketing Automation Landscape
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##Update: The German Marketing-Automation Landscape with over 60 providers



New update (03/25/2021) on Marketing Automation Landscape:

#1 The Marketing Automation Landscape of CRM-TECH.WORLD was mapped in the horizon on 24.02.2021.

#2 esmarsys is now included as a logo in the Marketing Automation Landscape.

#3 sendinblue can now also be found in the Marketing Automation Vendor Comparison.

#4 Want to know what news the individual providers have to report? We’ve compiled all the latest information for you click here.

##Update 09/11/2020

News. Also mailingwork is now part of the Marketing Automation Landscape – and of course also listed in the vendor comparison.

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##Update 8/14/2020:

episerver is now shown in our Marketing Automation vendor comparsion and on our Marketing Automation Landscape.

##Update 5/25/2020:

Also act! Marketing Automation is now shown in the landscape. act! is now also included in our Marketing Automation vendor comparison.

The German CRM Landscape is now followed by the Marketing Automation Landscape. We have found over 60 providers with a German website within the first extensive research. Herewith we complement, especially for the D-A-CH market, the large landscape of Scott Brinker.

German Marketing Automation Landscape

Only email marketing or also Omni-Channel?

Our goal was to group them together, as with CRM Landscape. We discarded that very quickly. One option would have been a differentiation according to “product originally comes from e-mail marketing” or “product has always had an omni-channel approach”. Another differentiation according to the number of addresses that can be managed. And three more ideas. They all had a rabbit’s foot that would be difficult to explain.

Since the providers could not be differentiated in a meaningful way, an overall picture of all providers was created.

This Big Picture also clearly shows that the user is spoilt for choice. This makes it all the more important to work out selection and decision criteria. These are then used to narrow down the products and select the best one.
We have a catalogue of more than 70 criteria that can make the selection much easier.

A small overview table like the one for CRM is also in preparation

What is the goal of marketing automation? Just marketing automation?

The core question of marketing automation is, what should be automated. Which tasks, which are done manually today, are currently time consuming? How can a tool support business processes in such a way that on the one hand a positive customer experience is created and on the other hand the effort and costs are reduced.

Even though the whole world is talking about marketing automation, the use of tools also affects sales and service processes. It would be fatal to have only marketing processes in mind when purchasing such software. That would again be a view limited by silo thinking, which a company should urgently break open, especially when it comes to process automation. This broadened view brings many advantages – for the customer as well as the company.

What is the best way to start with this topic?

As always, the old mantra sentence applies: Think Big, Start Small. To then branch out more and more into the first process in a test phase via continuous improvement. In addition to this, to successively automate further processes. It is not about automation “come hell or high water”, but about controllability and continuous improvement.

Of course there are some vendors that are included in both the Marketing Automation Landscape and the CRM Landscape. We will introduce these in the next article.

Picture: 1A Relations GmbH

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