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What’s new in the CRM software Pipedrive? Interview with Global Head of Markets Julia Denike



What’s new at CRM software manufacturer Pipedrive? Interview with Global Head of Markets Julia Denike

The classic core question at the turn of the year: What’s new at the CRM software manufacturer Pipedrive?

1. Introduction round and why are important new people active? CTO and CPO?

First of all, thank you very much for allowing us to be the first interview partners in Julia Denike’s new role. Julia Denike is Global Head of Markets, previously she was Country Manager D-A-CH at Pipedrive. The third person in the conversation, Sven Bevers, is from OPENRS, the PR manager for Pipedrive.

There is a lot of news at the CRM software manufacturer Pipedrive – How can you benefit as a reader?

The article is available as an abridged version for fast readers. And there are the videos, nicely cut into meaningful bites. Here are the links to the videos.

1: Introduction round and why are important new people active? CTO and CPO?
2: After the strong growth – what comes next?
3: What does revenue management platform mean? What’s behind it?  
4: Who are the current target groups of Pipedrive?  
5: What’s new in the product, what are new apps?                                                                                                     6: What does the organization of Pipedrive look like?
7: What else is special about Pipedrive?
8: How does Pipedrive plan to continue conquering the market?
9: Users have their data in a German data center

For the quick readers on the topic of news at the CRM software manufacturer Pipedrive

Originally, Pipedrive was the all-in-one distribution platform to increase sales. Developed by salespeople for salespeople. The changed positioning is moving towards “platform for CRM and sales management”. A nice term, a) because it is exceptionally in German. Driven by the two new positions, Pipedrive will be equipped with further components for marketing and customer service (in addition to standard sales).

The core target group is still SMEs (or in English the SMB)

In the past, reports Julia Denike, the driver was product and technology. The two new minds are not only driving the expansion of the platform, but also the integration.

2. After strong growth – what’s next?

The currently almost 100,000 users. In recent years, the user community has grown from 90,000 to over 100,000 users. What is the goal for the future? On the one hand, the countries Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, DACH, France, North America and UK/Ireland. On the other hand, the goal is to continue to grow and expand the above-mentioned markets. The new or upcoming features need to be strengthened.

At its core, Pipedrive focuses on SMEs, but the Pipedrive team is also increasingly flirting with larger customers, with all companies that no longer want to do sales management with Excel sheets. From the point of view of the industries, these are e.g. wholesale and retail, manufacturing, services, real estate (real estate), construction, manufacturing or start-ups. Quote Julia Denike: There are still many industries and company types that are “hot on CRM”.

3. News at crm software manufacturer Pipedrive – What’s new in the product, what are new apps?

New modules such as campaign, e-mail, account and project management are added. The existing app marketplace will be further expanded. You can personalize and individualize a lot in the system, e.g. the customer journey.

Many apps that facilitate digitization have been expanded. For example, ZenDesk, Teams, Zoom, Intuit, Trello, and Monday.

4. What does the organization of Pipedrive look like?

The current registered office is in Berlin. There are still local teams, but also globally active teams, currently the team has about 25 MA and is still looking for further reinforcement.

5. What makes Pipedrive so special?

Pipedrive has been doing a special onboarding of the customer(s) for a long time. You have always acted very closely to the interested party. Even in lead status, the lead receives personal support, plus support. Pipedrive is particularly looking for proximity to the customer. This means that it pays off, because those customers who receive intensive, good onboarding also stay with it the longest.

6. Last but not least: Pipedrive attaches great importance to data protection or GDPR

Users have their data in a German data center in Frankfurt am Main. This has been important to Pipedrive for a long time – data security is at the top of the agenda.

Thank you very much for the interview on the topic “News at the CRM software manufacturer Pipedrive”.

Already a year ago we had a detailed interview. Here is the link to it. The development is already enormous.


Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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