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Finally: SAP builds the largest business network in the world from Ariba and 2 other own networks



SAP plans to build the world’s largest business network

The company’s own platforms Ariba Network, the SAP Logistics Business Network and the SAP Asset Intelligence Network are to become the world’s largest business network. Over 5.5 million companies could benefit from participation and membership in this network community. SAP Plans World’s Largest Business Network with Ariba

SAP CEO Christian Klein said

In a PR release: “Our new goal is to build the world’s largest business community, where customers can easily connect with companies in their supply chains and achieve business connectivity across industries.”

At its global customer conference SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP announced comprehensive plans to create new business communities. They are intended to help companies work more efficiently, adapt better to changing economic and geopolitical conditions and contribute to greater sustainability. In the SAPPHIRE keynote from 02.06.2021, Christian Klein will talk about the topic from minute 7:00 for about 3 minutes.

SAP plans the world’s largest business network with Ariba – The claim is:

“Members of the new SAP Business Network will be able to access it via a central, uniform portal. There they have a complete overview of the companies in their logistics chain, their logistics and delivery flows, plant management and maintenance. For more information, see “SAP Introduces SAP Business Network”.”

Comment on SAP plans world’s largest business network with Ariba:

In my view, this step is overdue. With Ariba, SAP has had such a connecting element on board for a long time and did not use it strategically for a long time. Everyone knows networking, as on XING, LinkedIn or Facebook. Community management is not entirely new and not a hidden champion either. Finally, one could say, the leadership has recognized the signs.

You can find out more about SAP here

Nevertheless, as those responsible know, it is important to work through two major strategic strands cleanly and to link them at the same time.

First of all, the operational Herculean task, which is the migration of the many customers to S/4HANA. In addition, there are some “blood, sweat and tears” reports from the clientele. With RISE with SAP, the software group offers significantly improved service packages.

And the second, no less complex task, is to build this network. For me, this is an operation during operation and that means: The migration is to bring the customers into the modern world of possibilities. However, networking in the SAP Business Network should not take place separately.

You can find out more about SAP here

The third important challenge in the project “SAP plans world’s largest business network with Ariba” is likely to be the following: SAP customers are already networked today. On a small and large scale. Business networks initiated specifically for this purpose or self-set up have been around for a long time, e.g. cooperations that show more or less deep levels of integration. Therefore, SAP must offer added value – or better yet make it obsolete. Then the plan can become a successful model of incredible power. The example of Apple has shown this.

It would be a pity if the company announced such great things and we market observers – according to Goethe’s Faust – had to say afterwards: I hear the message well, but I alone lack faith.

Finally, a few words about CRM and CX:

Yes, there is. But of course, SAP is currently pushing the above topics forward. If you feel like it, you can watch Christian Klein’s keynote at the SAPPHIRE Conference 2020 or from this year’s CX event. Here are some news about CRM and CX presented.

This year, the focus was on the NoCode eCommerce approach called SAP Upscale Commerce. Also in the area of CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) there are news. We reported in detail on the last SAP CPQ generation. And in Billing and Revenue Management, Julia White (SAP Chief Marketing and Solution Officer) presented a few news in the 90 min. key note.

You can find out more about SAP here


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