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Why does the topic of CRM and MarTech software introduction or use require a change in culture and leadership?



WorkX Festival – formerly Pathfinder Festival

In the first hours on Saturday, 07.09., I got a lot of comments on Twitter and Facebook, why I am at the WorkX Festival. (The former Pathfinder Festival is now called WorkX because a company had the trademark rights for Pathfinder in this registration class at the patent office).

Day 1

On the one hand, software implementation and use has a lot to do with “collaboration”, and on the other hand, there is much discussion about process design and project management. Olaf Hinz has impressed me very much in this respect.

And, whether the whole thing is called New Work or something else, customer-oriented thinking still requires a change of culture within management. We have also heard exciting impulses about this.

A keynote lecture on Design Thinking then led me to the statement “old wine in new bottles”.

Whether #CRM or #MarTech, we always come across management, #leadership and leadership topics. New technologies and new software force most companies to change. Because, yes, because most companies will adapt to the software (and rarely the software will adapt to the company). The selection and introduction of new software alone requires good process thinking and good project management, otherwise the introduction will be a flop. There is a lack of broad acceptance or blockades (hand brakes) are not solved.

For me, the 1st day was a complete success and I took many great impulses with me into our work as consultants and for

The evening was crowned by a good-humoured Reinhard Sprenger Band. The man can play guitar and sing, his band members – all professionals – anyway.

Day 2

The second day was no less exciting. All three key notes were excellent. The highlight was the final speech of the 3 friends who made a trip to France together. Title: 3 of senses.

The experiment of the 3 guys is so characteristic for the way collaboration works (or doesn’t work at first). Lots of suggestions for project work and collaboration. Awesome.

Conclusion: We’ll book the “Come again in any case” or “must go there” ticket this week. The WorkX Festival 2019 was worth it.

If you want to read up again, flip through Logbook #WorkX19 The Pathfinder Festival by Georg Blum

Picture source: Screenshot of the website on 09.09.2019

Also interesting: What makes a CRM / MarTech software introduction successful?


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