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And the Oscar goes to … BSI CX and BSI AI – for a perfect customer journey



The pearl diver has made an exciting find.

Marketing and sales of every company try to stage customer journeys. The user should have fun designing these journeys. As a result, the customer should feel good and be happy. With BSI Studio and BSI Brains you can achieve both. You and your team will perfectly stage your customers. You design simple or complex customer journeys. The user makes his customers heroes within the customer journey. The customer will experience the customer journey as in a beautiful film: BSI Studio and BSI Brains – for a perfect customer journey – and much more.

What are BSI Studio and BSI Brains about?

We, 1A Relations GmbH, are the pearl divers in the MarTech or CRM Tech industry. On our latest dive we found two extraordinary products in the BSI suite: BSI Studio and BSI Brains. Already 2 years ago BSI showed the first version of BSI Studio at the German CRM Forum. In the meantime, the product is more than mature and can be used for all types of process automation in terms of a perfect customer journey or internal workflow.

Since November 2019, BSI has added an AI analysis, forecasting and machine learning product to its suite: BSI Brains. Both products have a development time of approximately 15 months and can be added within the BSI suite. On the other hand, companies that have not used BSI products to date can easily integrate these two special products independently into their existing solution via CSV or REST interface. The latest coup of the Swiss BSI: BSI software products can also be connected to zapier.

If you want to know more about BSI Studio and BSI Brains, click here. Screenshots are available as slide shows in the middle of the article.

Stop! Before you continue reading …

When we speak of customers, this can of course be the internal customer in the company or group.

BSI Studio – briefly explained:

Excursus: The BSI team came up with the name BSI Studio in reference to a film team that can make up a film (consisting of various files, scenes and shots) in the studio. According to Wikipedia, the film team consists of the producer (in the company this is the management), director / material development (campaign manager), set design / costume design / make-up / special effects (designer), camera / image design (photographer), lighting (facility manager), music, sound / sound design (copywriter, musician), editing / montage (video designer), visual effects and animation (web designer, game developer) and, if necessary, internal and external agencies or services.

The intention of BSI is – simply explained – now the following: With BSI Studio, a team from the company – including service providers and agencies – stages a film in which the customer becomes a hero. Specifically: A team from a company offers the interested parties or customers a wonderful experience (Customer Experience) through a simple and stringent process flow (Customer Journey).

This means that users who are familiar with workflow or campaign management can, like a film team, think up sequences of scenes (an act) that a customer group goes through. The customer experiences these scenes as their customer journey. At each point of contact (setting), data is collected, refined with additional data from other systems and, depending on the next step that is planned (BSI calls this a “step”), led to a suitable follow-up action (next setting) or a successful conclusion.

Interim conclusion: Kano would say “expectations exceeded, customers absolutely happy”, Fred Reichheld calls it “NPS = 10”.

Application examples for BSI Studio

  1. The processing of the corona compensation payments of the SVA Zurich and the compensation funds of the cantons of Thurgau and Schwyz
  2. HDI focuses on customer centricity and automated customer dialogue
  3. Customers of Basler Versicherungen can have their favourite item insured in the simplest way
  4. Measuring and improving customer satisfaction, an example of APG|SGA’s outdoor advertising

    BSI Brains – briefly explained:

BSI Brains offers AI or machine learning methods to perform or optimize analyses, forecasts (e.g. reactions, behavior) and workflow automation. This can be used to trigger the next campaign and workflow steps for specific target groups. Once again with the help of “Steps”, to which individual exciting functions are assigned.

Application examples for BSI Brains

One example is the “Recommendation Engine” like BSI Match. A kind of “business tinder”, only much better. Markus Brunold says: “We always use it at our events. The participant makes a selfie and indicates his interests. The AI looks for the best match and immediately connects the event participants.”

Other issues within sales, marketing and service that are solved with BSI Brains are What is the best communication channel, what would be the “next best action”, churn detection and much more.

If you want to know more about BSI Studio and BSI Brains, click here.


BSI Studio and BSI Brains – for a perfect customer journey. But the products can do much more.

Z. B. When should a steel cable be replaced? Or when does a tire have to be changed on the vehicle? Whenever predictive maintenance plays a role, BSI Brains helps you to calculate the best time to do it.

Just for fun, we asked whether, for example, cleening week and vacation planning or access control based on facial recognition would also be possible. This was also answered in the affirmative.

User interface and operability:

The user interface of both products is clearly structured. Some differently coloured steps help with use and clarity. The customer can see from the facts and figures displayed which number of people have gone through which processes and which steps still follow.

A large screen is very important

The display of the individual steps in the library appears small on classic screens. Therefore a large TV screen is important for daily work. Within the Step library categories an additional substructure and an explanation at “Mouse Over” would be helpful.

Do I need BSI Studio and BSI Brains?

BSI Studio already surprises with a large number of steps (Nodes, modules or branchings to build up the imaginary film sequences) for getting started in workflow or campaign design. With currently over 150 steps, a creative team can let off steam wonderfully. New ones are added every week.

For those who want to add a few more cherry on top in analysis and forecasting or personalization and individualization (and who also have a technical command of AI and machine learning), BSI Brains is an additional fine tool for perfecting and refining. In the language of film these would be the special effects.

If you want to know more about BSI Studio and BSI Brains, click here.

A wonderful example of BSI Studio in combination with BSI Brains

A wonderful example where both BSI Studio and BSI Brains have been used: The development of two PowerPoint presentations from a large amount of input on one topic for two different target groups. There is also an article including an explanation or making-of video. As an interim conclusion, this means for us: BSI Studio and BSI Brains – for a perfect customer journey and much more.

Who is BSI Studio and BSI Brains suitable for? For a whole team …

When the products were introduced to us, we thought of the following: Every day users and agencies say when designing customer journeys: “This should be easier somehow”. However, they are tired of getting tangled up in complex tools and software networking.

Yes, there is an easier way. Because the number of steps, i.e. the possibilities for designing processes with BSI Studio, is almost limitless. This is a toy for a group that enjoys surprising its customers or colleagues. This is where a “Waoh! That just works?” effect. This incredible variety is both a demand on and a challenge for the user.

However, the two products only develop their maximum benefit when the management gets involved as a producer and one or more cross-functional (film) teams join forces, define processes across silo boundaries and develop campaigns and customer journeys.

Selected interested parties and customers then pass through these pre-conceived paths. There are simple and complex processes. Without breaks, all from one source. The customer does not feel how he is led. He feels a closeness. And that without having a single spark of an idea of which technology is in use.


Joy or satisfaction, both for the user and the customer. And the management notices this in their KPIs.

Innovative character and market analysis:

In the Business Process Management (BPM) market, there are certainly some big players. As things stand today, we see very few comparable products in the CRM market. SugarCRM, cratio (ex bpm’online) or Pegasystems are a few. We still know Pointillist from the MarTech 2018 in Boston. However, this product is in a different league in terms of price, with project volumes of 1 million dollars or more.

If you want to know more about BSI Studio and BSI Brains, click here.

How much does it cost to use BSI Brains and BSI Studio?

A BSI Studio Quickstarter project including 3 months license and joint design of the first Journey costs 25,000 Euros. After that BSI Studio runs on a monthly lease. Depending on the modules and setup used, this costs from 3,500 euros per month. Service description

A BSI Brains Quickstarter project including 3 months license and first trained brains costs 30.000 Euro. After that the rent starts at 6.000 Euro per month. Service description

Seen in this light, BSI Studio and BSI Brains offer a very good price/performance ratio.

Even exclusive step developments are possible:

We have seen real journeys such as events, newsletter creation and dispatch, emotion recognition, querying a Net Promotor Score (NPS), proactive services (insurance companies give customers the tip to bring their car to safety because the weather forecast announces hail), classic claims handling and various self-services.

In the Step Store (synonymous with Apple, the App Store), users can choose between free and paid steps and can put together their own individual range of steps.

And what if something is missing after all? No problem. BSI offers the development of further steps. If desired, even exclusively for this one client. We consider this offer important because sophisticated processes, great stories or journeys are a USP for every company. This USP must be protected.

If you want to know more about BSI Studio and BSI Brains, click here.

Summary – At a glance


  • Possible applications throughout the company
  • suitable for a cross-functional team of experienced users
  • mature with almost unlimited application possibilities
  • available as single product
  • Interesting for both B2B and B2C
  • competitive entry price for medium-sized and large companies
  • Diverse application possibilities (many steps already available)


  • Accompanying advice is required for approx. 4 months after installation
  • The internal film team should also be given space for this (like in an experimental laboratory)
  • ROI calculation, proof of concept

Possible obstacles to successful deployment:

  • Silo thinking in the company
  • It needs a TEAM, not soloists

How is the maximum benefit for these products created?

It takes a whole team (not just a few or individual players) to use the products, who are empowered and have enough imagination, budget and freedom to explore these possibilities. If the management is committed to the topic of automation in all its facets, if it supports this topic as an ongoing (and not just a one-off) process AND does not accept or dissolve departmental silos, a huge potential opens up. The combination of people and technology can then become a perfect symbiosis.

Our conclusion:

A product for a team of princesses and princes who kiss the possibilities of both products awake and turn them into a soap opera in which their customers become heroes every day. The technology is ready for a processual, multimedia, customer-focused fireworks display. Are you? Get your filming permission!

If you want to know more about BSI Studio and BSI Brains, click here.



Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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