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Don’t users deserve better software?



The topic Usability

We became aware of an article by Kipp Bodnar, who says somewhat provocatively: “Marketers deserve software that doesn’t suck! Of course, this sounds first and foremost like self-promotion for HubSpot, of which he is the CMO. Why did we check this article out anyway? Because in our opinion it says what we think is driving many companies and users:

Usability and performance – does that have to be a contradiction?

In the past, many vendors have focused either on usability or on expanding additional functionality. Why haven’t they managed to increase usability and become more powerful at the same time? Numerous providers including Pipedrive, Zoom, Shopify and Slack have already shown that this does not have to be a contradiction.
Is segmentation for the email campaign quick to set up? How does the marketing analyst who wants to create a report feel? Many providers have failed to meet increased customer expectations – unnecessary forms, fields, workflows, etc. overload the software and slow down users.
But: companies need software to be able to act quickly and in line with market requirements.

User-friendliness and performance – does that have to be a contradiction?

Kipp Bodnar recommends the following 5 tests:

Speed test: The time needed to perform standard tasks (setting up an e-mail campaign, generating reports) should be reduced significantly.
People test: The entire marketing team should be able to work with the software and be happy to do so.
Customer Test: User-friendliness has a high priority, the software must be loved by the users. Take a look at the ratings by usability and functionality.
Window Test: Do I need to open multiple windows or tabs to perform standard marketing tasks? This does not indicate a high level of usability and can lead to information not being documented.
Extensibility test: Can the software grow with the business? Can new tools be integrated into the workflow and do the interfaces provide the information bidirectionally?

In our opinion, Kipp Bodnar’s approach goes in the absolutely right direction: In order to meet the ever-increasing customer expectations (also with regard to AI and AR), pronounced user-friendliness, coupled with the relevant, adaptable functionalities, is essential for applications.

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