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GetResponse Lead Management – Less is more as the success principle



Today we present GetResponse, an all-in-one platform for online marketing.

The headquarters of GetResponse is in Gdansk. GetResponse has been around for over 20 years and the product is available in 13 languages. Yes, correctly read: thirteen. The focus is on lead generation, sales of products and services including marketing and implementation of webinars and the resulting increase in sales of GetResponse customers.

Which problem should be solved with the Lead-/ Conversion Funnel?

GetResponse helps with lead or customer acquisition and customer retention. The tool supports the user in the implementation of a clearly defined lead management process, which ranges from the generation of new leads, through lead maintenance, to the actual sales process. The result: very well structured and thus a controllable lead management process.

Whether you want to sell your knowledge or physical products, both can be done very easily. The solution from GetResponse enables a very pragmatic, even clever address and data acquisition and qualification.

For whom is GetResponse suitable?

The solution of GetResponse is mostly used by B2C companies. However, the product can be used in all industries – including B2B. Many of the current users are self-employed, sole traders and marketing managers in smaller companies or smaller marketing departments in medium-sized companies.

For these target groups, GetResponse is an excellent solution. For large companies, the Polish company offers the product GetResponse MAX.

Our assessment in detail

Look&Feel and display of the configuration:

The Conversion-/Lead-Funnel of GetResponse has a very simple and clear structure. You quickly understand all functions and structure of the funnel.

Each step in the sales funnel is highlighted with its own color. On each level of the funnel steps is not only a keyword, but a good explanatory text, what should be done or achieved with this step.

GetRespose Conversion Funnel
GetRespose Conversion Funnel

On each level the user is shown the appropriate analysis figures. This allows him to analyze each step immediately and clearly. This also makes work easier for those employees who do not work with the tool every day. The user is well guided. One can see at a glance which step has already been completed and which is still open or will be next.

Standard procedures or processes as we have seen with GetResponse are extremely helpful: For example, to minimize the error rate in daily use. This saves a lot of time, which can be dedicated to the customer. All designated customer touchpoints can be easily created and edited. Everything is connected barrier-free one after the other.

The entire product is kept clear and simple.

There are only a few building blocks and clearly connected modules, no complex issues, it does not overwhelm the user.

The design, the colors, everything is very user-friendly: For example, the little monsters are wonderful during the short waiting time or at the exit pop-up. All made with a lot of love for detail!

Before registering for the newsletter, you switch attention-grabbing ADs

Advertisements (ads) are planned and budgeted directly from the system with GetResponse. An app for creating social ads is available for both Android and iOS.

Facebook ads
Facebook ADS

A well thought-out newsletter creation

When the newsletter is created, the mobile view of the newsletter is displayed immediately, without any further click. For quick use, 100 e-mail templates and about 150 matching landing page templates are available. This is absolutely sufficient for a quick start.

Landing Page creation

Each newsletter registration landing page automatically includes a corresponding thank you page.

GetResponse asks the user to use lead magnets. These are incentives for a faster or higher response. Lead magnets are goodies in return for subscribing to the list. To use these lead magnets, that is our experience, are often forgotten.

Therefore great praise to GetResponse for this important stimulus to the broad mass of users, who usually have rarely dealt with the details of dialog marketing.

The license package includes 5,000 shutterstock images as basic equipment. Additional images can be purchased. An integrated image editor offers the possibility to edit selected images quickly and easily.

SEO settings for the landing pages are also possible. GetResponse also offers an indexing for search engines. The domains do not look cryptic, but can be named as you would like it to be.

What else did we particularly like?

On the one hand the possibility of A/B testing for landing page selection. Again, the user is encouraged to be creative to test which landing page could convert better.

And once a basic layout has been chosen, the user can set this layout as the default for all other elements with a single click: for the newsletter, the banner, the landing page(s) etc. The complete funnel can thus be laid out from a template. “One-Click” – super efficient and well thought-out.

A small cute webshop completes the little wonder bag

The simple creation of products and their use in lead management as well as in the newsletter and the sales, that absolutely inspired us.

The built-in web store makes the first e-commerce steps easier. Two or three products – or even PDFs – can be created with just a few clicks. And sales can begin immediately over the Internet. No complex installation of a powerful webshop is necessary.

But that works too. Because the integration of other web stores is of course possible. There are interfaces available, e.g. to Shopify, Stripe, Magento, Etsy, wooCommerce, PrestaShop. E-Commerce heart, what more do you want.

What you can also quickly install are payment processing with e.g. PayPal, stripe, PayU, Square, yandex, Qiwi. More options are currently under development.

B2B lead management without webinars is currently unthinkable.

Therefore we have consciously looked at this variant. The webinars are created very much like a physical product. Behind the webinar solution is a mature and independent webinar solution from a sister company. Thus GetResponse does not need to shy away from comparison with Zoom, WebEx or Teams.

Both free webinars and webinars “against payment” can be handled in the easiest way.

In the webinar tool itself, you can act or use a whiteboard, streaming functions, call-to-action buttons and many classic features.

In the webinar it is possible to start a live stream via YouTube or Facebook. To draw attention to special offers on the landing page, the webinar leader used a call-to-action button. This enables an immediate response. Just GetResponse!


What about complex customization?

There is no complex customizing; there is no need for it. The product is perfectly minimalistically designed. This allows the user to make maximum use of these possibilities. This leads to an excellent price/performance ratio.

Comprehensibility/ sales tips, instructions, support for the user:

We could actually save ourselves this assessment point. We have already mentioned this special advantage several times. Nevertheless: step by step you are guided through the Sales Funnel.

The product is very intuitive and easy to understand, making it very easy to use.

What about connection to CRM systems?

Connections to various CRM systems are also possible, for example to Salesforce or Zoho CRM and 20 other products

Further interface is available on top

There are many different interfaces, which are all listed here:

What is special about the product? What is the USP compared to the competition?

On the one hand the simplicity and on the other hand the variety of the tool. That sounds like a contradiction at first.

But very few providers offer, in addition to e-mail marketing, the possibility of building landing pages, webinars, small web stores and the conversion or sales funnel from a single source or a single source. With GetResponse, the user gets a very reliable partner that has been successfully operating in the market for 20 years.

The very good price/performance ratio. In addition, there is the continuous expansion of the help offerings: These include benchmarks, tips and tricks, reporting from various industries, eBooks, certification programs.

The onboarding process can be completed quickly in 1-2 days because the solution is easy to understand and use. GetResponse takes many tedious steps away from the customer, has thought typical standard processes in advance and makes them available for optimal use. Thus, the user receives maximum benefit.

Innovative character and development potential

In principle, GetResponse shows us a very high innovation character: In this market segment there is a lot of competition. But nevertheless it still holds much potential for GetResponse, because in our opinion, the innovation is “the absolutely perfect reduction to the essential”.

In the German market there should still be many opportunities. Approximately 1.5 to 2 million individual and small businesses are available as potential.


GetResponse supports individuals and companies who do not want to leave success to chance, but want to be successful in a structured and clear process.

It is shown that product development can be perfected by active listening: “We have learned a lot from our customers”. A lot of work is done with test persons. And we think that is very good.

“All you might need” is a motto of getResponse à “Everything you might need. Nothing more for now. And that is good.

When you have seen GetResponse, you get the feeling that many other lead management and CRM solutions are far too overloaded. This solution comes across so light and loose. Simply fascinating.

Who are references?

All references can be found here.

and aTestimonial:

What does GetResponse cost?

Currently, the license prices are as follows, assuming annual payment and a list or newsletter distribution list of max. 1,000 e-mail addresses Basis 10.66 Euro, Plus 36.90 Euro, Professional 72.98 Euro.

As already mentioned, the license “MAX” is still available for large companies. According to our information from GetResponse no price information, the prices are then calculated individually. These depend on two factors: The number of e-mail addresses in the lists and the frequency of sending.

30 days Free Trial is of course possible with all functions.

Here the user can let off steam to his heart’s content and check which functions and options are optimal for him afterwards. Ergo: You don’t buy a pig in a poke, but know in advance what works and what feature costs.

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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