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CRM and MarTech Topic Magazines on
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Our flipboard magazines at a glance – further information on CRM, MarTech, project management, etc.



CRM and MarTech Topic Magazines on

CRM and MarTech Themen Magazine in Flipboard, a service from us for you.

Not every news item is worth an exciting article. Nevertheless, many articles that appear daily are worth reading.

With over 60 vendors in the CRM Landscape and over 60 vendors in the Marketing Automation Landscape, there is much more news than our editors can comment on. All around the topics CRM, MarTech, project management there are interesting and remarkable things.

For this reason, you can browse through our CRM and MarTech Topic Magazines in Flipboard, which have been specially set up for you.

What magazines are available:

  • CRM-/MarTech News about Salesforce SAP Microsoft Oracle Adobe SugarCRM
  • The Marketing Automation Magazine
  • Project Methods
  • Project Management
  • CRM training
  • Data Management with CDP DMP IPaaS
  • Collaboration and web conferencing
  • CRM studies
  • THE SOFTWARE SELECTION, Implementation and Application MAGAZINE
  • The magazine on customer management and organization
  • User experience UX
  • Strategy Lounge
  • Loyalty or customer retention
  • The Sales/Marketing Campaign Management Magazine
  • All right? (data protection, DSGVO, BDSG, UWG …)
  • CRM Best Practice Examples or Case Studies
  • Start-Up And New Technology
  • AI, Big Data, Analysis

During our daily research we „flip“ these news into the respective topic magazines. In other words: we collect important information and make it available for you to read.

The best thing to do is to bookmark or save this link to look at it again and again. That way you won’t miss anything!

You can find all magazines under this link on Flipboard

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