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Successful CRM-Tech and MarTech needs the egg-laying wool-milk sow as an employee – a new job description is emerging



MarTech or CRM-Tech requires new knowledge and skills – a new job description is emerging!

MarTech or CRM-Tech requires new knowledge and skills. Therefore a relatively new job description is being created. In principle, this egg-laying wool-milk sow has been around for a long time. However, this group of people was named differently, e.g. Head of Database Marketing or Head of CRM. In an earlier article we had already described this: Are they superheroes?

These people need a colourful mix of different skills and characteristics. They are multi-talented, as is certainly the case in some professions. For example, the singing actor who recites Goethe’s Faust on stages and plays in Hoffmann’s Tales on the other day, shines with tap dancing on the side, as well as flawlessly conducting 2-hour readings. Or the miner, who has learned several professions and needs to know a lot more than many people think. Only in this way can he survive underground and endanger neither others nor himself.

The CRM Tech Manager or Marketing Technologist – a demigod or decathlete

The CRM Tech or MarTech manager is also such a versatile person. He must combine skills such as knowledge in marketing, sales, service and IT. He understands processes and can redesign them. He must also be able to deal with top management. He must be empathic, analytical and creative, be able to listen well, communicate and argue as well as present in an appealing way. Often these are opposite poles, but in this case the best are united in one person.

According to Scott Brinker, there are now several archetypes

Scott goes even further in his recent article. He describes several types. Although he also writes that this is a work in progress. On the social media channels he asks for feedback.



Source for Scott’s archetypes is

What do you think? What skills does this role require?


One thing is certain: This is not a trend! This knowledge and skills are simply a core competence that all companies with marketing, sales or CRM topics need. The larger the company, the more likely we are to encounter archetypes as diverse as those described by Scott Brinker. Do you have such people? Then consider yourself lucky.

Picture: Pixabay

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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