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Tree change games in the boardroom – after SAP now ServiceNow



No sooner has Bill McDermott left SAP than he shouts from a new forest: “I’m the boss of Service Now“. The slogan on McDermott’s new company’s German website is: “We make people work more efficiently and better.” So it’s all about collaboration in several areas. Very simply it is described in the ServiceNow info sheet:

ServiceNow, with a current turnover of about 2 billion dollars, wants to grow organically, i.e. without acquisitions, to 10 billion dollars turnover in the next few years, writes the Handelsblatt in a recently published report.

That is very ambitious. It will be measured by this.

Critics say McDermott has realized that there is hardly any growth possible for the tanker SAP, so he has preferred to move into a new growth area. This also confirms our assumption that SAP is facing quite complex challenges.

This is also shown by a second personnel decision that made the rounds this week. Bob Stutz takes over responsibility for the SAP/Hana Transformation.

Stutz, who among other things has managed the Salesforce Marketing Cloud activities, will help SAP to master the certainly demanding task of transferring SAP customers from the old ERP world to the HANA world. “At SAP, he will have a similar challenge unifying within C/4HANA the Hybris e-commerce platform, Qualtrics survey tools and Callidus Cloud configure-price-quote pricing automation” writes Don Flickinger of TechTarget.

It is not only a challenge to convince the customers, but also to convince the SAP partners and employees. The veteran SAP ERP partners want to exploit the new CRM/hybrid potential for themselves, but don’t have the expertise on board. Other partners, however, are not allowed to approach these meat pots due to customer protection agreements, or to play out their CRM/MarTech expertise. The only one who doesn’t benefit from this is the SAP customer. And, as we have often heard, they are now terminating the friendship or license agreements with SAP.

New brooms sweep well. Let us observe what Bob has announced and initiated after the first 100 days.

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