Entrepreneur Tips - Learnings from the crisis 2008
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What can every entrepreneur learn from the 2008 crisis? Tips and suggestions



Entrepreneur Tips – Learnings from the crisis 2008

We are in the middle of a crisis. But that also means that we should pause for a moment. Pause to reflect, what can an entrepreneur learn from previous crises or take away as a stimulus?

In total, there are currently 10 tips, that came to my mind in 2008:

  1. Using the crisis as an opportunity – Remember the Chinese character
    • It’s all about your inner attitude and attitude. What you radiate is also what your employees feel. If you come across as positive, you will also show the necessary attitude to successfully master the crisis and emerge from it more successfully.
  2. Courage to question and dare something new
    • Is it courage or the pressure that suddenly causes a willingness to change. From time to time we hear our customers say “Now we are doing well, now we want to change”. That’s why it is all the more important to solve the tasks now consistently and with tips from our management and technical expertise.
  3. Develop new products:
    • The Sick company from Waldkirch developed over 100 new products in 2008 and thus came out of the crisis at full speed.
  4. Drop unnecessary ballast
    • These are for example unprofitable customers, bad processes, unmaintained addresses and data, old e-mails, old files …. In the good times a lot of unnecessary things accumulate. It also seems incredibly liberating when the ballast has finally landed “in the trash”.
  5. Staff training and further education
    • Porsche has used the year 2008 to train and coach many of its employees. The “free time” was therefore used wisely. Afterwards, things continued very successfully.
  6. Grinding the tools
    • This means that you should put your software to the test. Similar to throwing off ballast, it is about detoxifying the software landscape. IT is happy when it is relieved.

More entrepreneurial tips – Learning from the crisis 2008

  1. Internal communication for employee care
    1. ongoing, daily communication: what’s new, showing up, answering questions, that’s one of the main tasks.
  2. Full can of CRM: ongoing, external communication for customer care
    • If you are not remembered after the crisis, you will be forgotten. So make sure you make it to the top of the Relevant Set. These are the 3-4 places in the brain of the decision makers when it comes to the next purchase decision. If you are at the top: great, if you are there: good. If not: not good.
  3. Investing in efficiency, not simply saving costs!
    • If you only save costs, you could have a problem in the medium term. Unless they are cost factors that will not be needed in the future. It is about investing in effectiveness or efficiency.
  4. Maintaining address and data quality
    • Now is the best time because there is time to devote to the addresses. This is your capital for the future.

And here all 10 tips as a picture:


We have also created 2 ePapers for this. These describe some tips in more detail. They are checklists and instructions for action.


Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.



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