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Usability bessere Schnittstellen Customizing bessere Customer Experience
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What do users want from a software or its provider? Scenes of a marriage?



Usability, better interfaces/API, customizing, better customer experience

According to an Ascend2 study published by Scott Brinker in his blog, users have expressed some – not very – surprising expectations of “usability, better interfaces, customizing, better customer experience”.

First of all, with 52% at the top, user friendliness or usability. This criticism is heard and read again and again. With 38% the users express their expectation of a significantly better integration work with better interfaces. This means that the topic of interfaces (API) is still often in a mess. With 37% almost the same, the ability for better customizing is demanded. And again, barely measurable behind this, with 36% of the mentions, the topic of improving the customer experience is on the list.

The handling of data (33%) and process automation (32%) follow at a small distance. At the very end of the expected list is the topic AI.

What can be deduced from this for customer experience or usability?

Yes, the topic of usability is extremely important, we can feel it in every corner. The article “Don’t users deserve better software? We also see the topic of insufficient integration every day.

But doesn’t the user community sometimes make it too easy for themselves? Yes, because people like to blame the service provider, even though the user should have clearer requirements. And no, because we have rescued some projects because the service provider had done his own thing. The customer was, as they say in football, “let it come”. And with the next requirement, the service provider danced the customer out in a friendly manner. And “splash”, the customer did not notice that an X was sold to him for a U. The service provider slaps his thighs because a few days were sold again. But at some point the customer gets the feeling that this is not right. I, the customer, pay expensive money every month, but my team doesn’t really benefit from the expensive investment.

And that’s the big dilemma. How do I control a service provider?

Users complain about overcharging providers: Usability better interfaces Customizing better customer experience. Seen from the outside, no one is solely to blame. As with a good or bad marriage, it always takes two. The customer and the service provider. You win together and you lose together. The customer loses money and the service provider loses his reputation. This should not happen.

What is the main reason for talking about usability, better interfaces, customizing, better customer experience?

When providers and users talk about usability, better interfaces, customizing, better customer experience, they don’t speak the same language. The customer sometimes has too few technical skills to stand up to the service provider. And there is a lack of a clear briefing or the requirements are formulated in an unspecific, sometimes unrealistic way. The service provider himself would like to “stay close to the standard”, keep the effort low, does not quite understand why the customer considers this special request a USP.

We all know the world-famous cartoons: what the customer really wanted, what he formulated, what he got and what he paid in the end.

And finally a question: Who is responsible for customer experience? The wonderful answer to this question from former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt.


The whole thing needs a plan and foreign language translators. That is usually us, because we understand both sides. Like an interpreter, we sound out the important points from the maze of voices and requirements and translate them into the other world. Then it also works. To the satisfaction of all!

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The study can be ordered free of charge at this link.

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.


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