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Bei Webkonferenz-Anbieter Zoom boomt der Aktienkurs
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Zoom is not equal to Zoom. Zoom stock is booming. One by 1,000 %, the other by almost 100 %.



Web conference provider Zoom share price is booming.

Currently, the message “The share price is booming for web conferencing provider Zoom” is not surprising. The whole world is switching from personal conversations to web conferencing and video telephony. Therefore, these providers and providers of collaboration tools are currently being sought. So it’s not surprising that web conference provider Zoom share price is booming. Only not by 900% as perhaps one or the other had believed. Instead, it has risen by almost 100% in the last 6 months.

Why is Zoom not the same as Zoom?

As Heise Online reports in its news ticker, there has probably been extreme confusion among buyers of Zoom shares. There is a company called “Zoom Technologies”, but it has nothing to do with “Zoom Video“. The share price of the company “Zoom Technologies” has become an object of speculation in recent months. The stock exchange supervisory authority suspects that potential buyers of “Zoom Video” have made a mistake and bought “Zoom Technologies”. And the erroneous run on Zoom Technologies has led to a real price fireworks. At peak times, the share price increased by up to 7,500 % year-on-year.

Web conference provider Zoom share price is booming. Is Zoom Technologies worth that too?

No, not at all. This confusion has turned a penny stock into a surprising pearl. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), this mix-up was noticed, and it was found that “Zoom Technologies” is not worth a penny or a penny. Since 2015, the company has not paid its annual report. Immediately “Zoom Technologies” was taken out of trading.

So keep your eyes open when you buy shares. And, when you think about it, it doesn’t make sense at present to rush into such speculative objects.

On the other hand, Zoom Video should still have a golden future. Both in our environment Zoom is traded high. And also Gartner counts Zoom among the top 3 providers and lists Zoom in the quadrant for leaders.

Picture source: Zoom.

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