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Update: Winter time + tree cutting time = strategy time: So what?



Winter time + tree cutting time = strategy time: So what? (an update on the event from 25.02.2022 – see below)

You’ll probably wonder what this equation means. Quite simply: late winter or “early” spring (it depends on the trees or shrubs) is the best time to cut trees. Why? Because the wound heals the fastest! Ergo: Winter time is time to cut trees is strategy time

“Get to the point,” you’re probably thinking. Ok!

Many companies have grown in recent years (as have the trees). Some stronger, some weaker. Some companies behave more like birch trees (fast growth, thin trunk), the others like oaks (slow but broad, stable growth).

But you can also take fruit trees. Because fruit trees also bear fruit. And just as the clever farmer “reaps his harvest” in autumn, so in recent years the companies that have been successful have also “picked their fruits from the tree”.

What happens in a company as well as in the fruit trees in nature?

Growth produces not only good, but also bad shoots (processes). Not every branch (development) bears fruit or makes strategic sense for further growth next year. What happens now in nature with these bad shoots? They are cut away or cut out during the annual tree cutting, so that the harvest next year is of good quality again, the quantity even increases somewhat because the growth has taken place in orderly paths.

This is exactly the image that managers should keep in mind EVERY YEAR. In nature, winter is, on the one hand, the season in which you let your “yielders” rest after the harvest season and allow them to relax. On the other hand, cutting out is important so that they again receive “air or space” for further growth. Consequently, we should all think about it in winter (i.e. NOW): What bad shoots have arisen on our “company tree”? Which should be cut out easily, which should be cut off? In other words, which processes or developments should be stopped or corrected? If you take care of it regularly, you will have a lot of fun and yield on your company tree for a long time.

Winter time is time to cut trees is strategy time

The moral of the story’: Don’t forget about cutting trees!

So, the next time you bite into an apple, think not only of paradise, snake, temptation or worm, but also of tree cutting!

Think positive!

PS: How proper tree cutting works, you can read here or see by video.

You can find out more about strategy here.

To be there live at the tree cutting – that was what 15 entrepreneurs from Waiblingen were able to do

On 25.02. we organized – together with Aaron Schwegler, his wife Julia and the team of Marc Funk from the WTM Waiblingen an afternoon on the subject of tree cutting.

The top winemaker from Korb, Aaron Schwegler, also has a few orchards. You don’t get rich from it. But well-kept orchards are important for landscape maintenance and the preservation of the natural habitat.

In the preliminary discussion we had a wonderful conversation and I realized that Aaron can cut so many stories about trees and pull entrepreneurship out of his pocket, this will be an exciting afternoon.

15 entrepreneurs came from or from the surroundings of Waiblingen. It snowed at the beginning, but we had best weather for cutting the tree. Cold and dry.

In the video everyone can get an impression of this wonderful event:

Finally, there were drinks (e.g. Incide) from the winery Albrecht Schwegler. Of course, on the basis of fruit.

The idea with this parallel “fruit-tree cutting as well as tasks of the entrepreneur” was very well received. All participants took away ideas, pictures, suggestions and impulses for home as well as for the company.

Next time, the wine should certainly be in the foreground. 🙂 The many manual work is quality work. And there is something to do all year round. That’s why it will certainly be exciting.


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