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Stackie-Award 2019
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Here are the winners of the Stackie-Award 2019



Today we present the 5 winners of the Stackie Award of the Martech Conference in San Jose 2019

We’re starting with Airstream. Surely you have seen these silver, round American campers in US movies. And that’s exactly what the presentation of the first winner of the 2019 Stackie Award is all about.

Their Martech landscape aptly calls Airstream “Marketing for the Adventurous Spirit”. The different phases of the marketing process are depicted on five different pitches of the very idyllic campsite. The trees stand for the different software solutions, the size of the trees for the intensity of use.

Stackie-Award 2019 - Airstream
Stackie Award 2019 – Airstream

The next winner is Esri, a software producer for geoinformation data. Their Stackie also fits the brand perfectly. They call the cycle shown the “Marketing Initiative Cycle” and describe the tools they use. For example, we sail through the “Acquisition Bay” and learn about the tools used for search engine optimization, display advertising, data enrichment, etc.

Stackie-Award 2019
Stackie Award 2019 – Esri

As another winner, Juniper Network, one of the largest network equipment providers, presents its Martech landscape in three different clouds. The focus is on the Customer Journey and describes which tools are used in which phases. The second level, which runs through all clouds, describes the functionalities of the tools used. And thus perfectly relates to Scott Brinker’s Martech Landscape and its categories.

Stackie Award 2019 – Juniper

Paychex, a service outsourcing company is another winner with perhaps the best visualization of their processes and deployed applications. The special feature of this is that it does not just present the individual categories of Scotts Landsscape (Data, Content & Experience etc.). Nor is it just to show the different stages of the Customer Journey. The peculiarity is to add another level to the picture. Namely, the six different versions of process handling between fully automatic and completely manual.

Stackie Award 2019 – Paychex

The fifth and final winner is Sargento Foods. This is an American food company best known for its cheese. Perfectly matching the brand, the Martech tools are divided into 4 levels: Plan, Create, Activate, Measure. The special feature of this visualization is that the team commitment or team participation (marketing, market research, creation, ecommerce, sales) is additionally displayed per level.

Sargento Foods
Stackie Award 2019 – Sargento Foods
We find:

Always a delight – the winners of the Stackie Award. It is unbelievable with what creativity IT landscapes that are difficult to understand are visualized. Since 2015, Scott Brinker has succeeded every year in motivating a wide variety of companies to create informative and entertaining company stacks. At the same time, this makes visible (both for employees and stakeholders) the multitude of applications with which companies are on the move around the customer journey.


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