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Marketoonist Tom Fishburne – The best of 2019



Marketoonist Tom Fishburne never fails to put a smile on our faces.

We present to you the best of Marketoonist Tom Fishburne from 2019.

23.08.2019: What is effectiveness? Smile with Marketoonist about his interpretation of Marketing Effectiveness

Marketoonist Marketing Effectiveness

Marketoonist Tom Fishburne conjures a smile on our faces again and again. Today it’s all about his interpretation of marketing effectiveness.

We were especially happy about this cartoon of him. Because it is very fitting to the Mantra or Anders Statement that we preach regularly: One swallow doesn’t make a summer, one software doesn’t make a strategy!

Introducing software without a strategy and goal in a company usually only has the opposite effect. And the result tends to lead to unnecessary time and costs instead of contributing to effectiveness.

So, take a step back and “look at it from the outside”: How good is Marketing Effectiveness? How well does the software harmonize with the users and their processes?

Very fittingly, our editor, Georg Blum’s article: “The new MarTech landscape”. Published on IDG’s portal with the central question: “How many applications are useful for the perfect Customer Journey, which is at the centre of all activities around the customer?

18.06.2019: Marketoonist – the danger of yacht parties 🙂

danger of yacht parties / Marketoonist - die Gefahr der Yachtpartys :-)

The danger of yacht parties: Sure, it can be fun to see creative and exclusive work from different advertising agencies at inspiring festivals, such as the recent Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

But Tom Fishburne raises his index finger and says:

“But anytime marketers like us get together, we’re in danger of breathing our own exhaust.  As inspiring as these festivals are, they potentially make us even more out of touch.”

It is not only the creative people who must not lose their grip. In Martech topics, too, we have to sit back and describe what really concerns and concerns our target groups. This is the only way to stay “in touch”. No yacht party will help there ?

28.05.2019: Marketoonist about the GDPR

Marketoonist Webseiten

One year of the GDPR – the perfect template for the Marketoonist to take aim at.

Are we really drowning in a flood of privacy pop-up messages? Have we regained control over it, or rather lost it? Is this just the perception of Americans or is this really how we feel in Europe?

So, as always, take a step back and think! 

Here is the assessment of the Marketoonist.

12.03.2019: Marketoonist on marketing technologies – is the customer still the focus?

Marketoonist Marketing-Technologien

Today we are talking about marketing technologies.

Do we have a handle on the efficiency of martech tools? Or are we just managing and losing sight of the customers?

So, as always, take a step back and think! Isn’t it the same with ourselves? We are working on it. And you?

Here is the assessment from Marketoonist.

20.02.2019: Marketoonist about Marketing Personas – hopefully rather the exception 😉

Marketoonist Personas

If on the way from the abstraction of the characteristics to the concretization of the personas not everything goes according to plan …

“Marketing personas sometimes say more about the marketing team than about the customer,” is how marketoonist Tom Fishburn begins his latest work. Unfortunately, we can only confirm this – and we hope you enjoy reading it!

28.01.2019: Marketoonist about website design – great user experience or rather ADventure?

Marketoonist Experience

Today the Marketoonist is about Experience Design.

Is it just the observer laughing or does the visitor stop laughing when visiting some websites? So the term “barrier-free website” gets a completely different meaning.

So, as always, take a step back and think! Isn’t it the same with ourselves? We are working on it. And you?

07.01.2019: Marketing forecasting – the buzzword at the start of the year – outlined by Tom Fishburne

Do there have to be changes at the beginning of the year or do they only distract us from the essentials?

Doesn’t it make more sense to improve the strategy and implementation from last year in 2019?

At this time of year, marketers like to make bold MArketing predictions about the new year that has dawned.

Tom Fishburne reflects on this in the form of his cartoon and the accompanying article – thoughts which, I believe, are not wrong.

marketing predictions


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