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Polarity – through software to the super-human sales person?



The announcement on techchrunch that Polarity has raised $8.1 million in a financing round prompted us to take a closer look at the company’s software.

Polarity describes their software itself as “Augmented Reality for Your Desktop” and argues on their website with “Humans are good at analysis but bad at recall. Make your team smarter by giving them superhuman data awareness and recall.”

The following scene is probably familiar to most people from everyday office life: a new colleague has a question on a specific topic. They know that they have either done something about the topic themselves, received an e-mail or a file on the topic, or another colleague has dealt with the topic in greater depth. But what you no longer know is who, when, what you did in detail and where the information is stored or can be found. And this is where the tiresome search begins.

The Polarity software is designed to save the time that employees spend searching for and passing on information.

By building a common team database, important information should no longer be overlooked and the evaluation of data should be made easier.

How does Polarity work?

Polarity is an application that runs constantly in the background as soon as it is started. It constantly analyzes the screen and highlights keywords. The software does this with every text that is displayed on the screen, whether in the browser, in an e-mail or even in an Excel document.

In addition to the highlighted keywords, the employee can display additional information on the PC or add other important information for the team.

More about how Polarity works can be watched in the following recorded webinar on Youtube. From the ninth minute on, the system will show how Polarity works.

Video from 15.11.2018: Memory Augmentation, Data Awareness and Recall with Polarity – (Engl. 27:50)

Who uses Polarity?

Since all current customers have quasi beta tester status, Polarity does not provide concrete references. Nevertheless, the list of anonymous names is quite impressive: 2 of the Top 3 Banks, Credit Bureau, Largest Private Equity Firm, Leading Equipment Manufacturer, One of the Largest Health Insurance Providers, Top 3 Credit Card, Big 4 Consulting, US Government/Defense, MSSP, Managed Detection and Response Firm, One of the Largest Golobal Security Comanies, Leading International Media Company.

Polarity also suitable for marketing and sales?

On the Polarity website you can download the following 5-page PDF document: Polarity sales usecase.

It describes four sales challenges to which Polarity offers a solution with Memory Augmentation:

  • Delayed ramp up-time – Context driven onboarding
  • Poor prospecting – total prospect awareness with Polarity
  • Lack of internal process awareness – polarity enhances situational
  • Inhibited relationship management – contextual relationships that last

There is much to be said for Polarity’s ability to provide perfect support in CRM and sales: There is an interface to Salesforce to be able to integrate into Polarity as data source. In the area of Sales & Marketing there is only one integration to DiscoverOrg besides Salesforce. We are curious if and when interfaces to the other major CRM providers will follow.

What is special about it?

What makes the tool special is that, as soon as activated, it scans the current screen and draws the user’s attention in real time to keywords and individually to potentially important information, for which he can even receive further information directly. In this way, the user only receives the information collected by the team when he actually needs it and saves a considerable amount of time by not having to search for the storage location.

Questions left open so far:

What are the costs and which model is used for billing? Is billing based on the size of the team, storage capacity or the amount of data analyzed?  What happens with the data if a company terminates after a certain period of time? Are there limits on storage capacity? Or how much storage capacity is used?


Great idea and at first sight also very useful and time-saving software. As always with applications using artificial intelligence, the question arises, how quickly does the program learn to filter the individual necessities or to create a network of documents? One thing is clear, however, the intention of Polarity is very good and certainly extremely helpful.


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Picture: Twitter Post Polarity 12.08.2019


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