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Qlik – we spoke with Robert Fleming, Vice President Marketing



Data analysis

Data analysis is on everyone’s lips right now. After the powerful Salesforce tableau deal (we reported), our report on Qlik fits this bill.

Qlik has a vision: “A data-centric world where everyone can use data to solve even the most difficult problems. Only Qlik’s end-to-end data management and analysis platform combines all enterprise data from all sources. It allows users to be free to explore and gain new insights, regardless of their level of knowledge, curiosity and creativity. With Qlik, companies gain detailed insights into customer behavior, optimize their business processes, discover new revenue opportunities and achieve a balance between risk and reward. Qlik operates in over 100 countries for more than 48,000 customers worldwide.”

Interview with Robert Fleming

We had the opportunity to speak with Robert Fleming, Vice President Marketing of Qlik, at the Gartner CIO & IT Executive Summit in Munich on May 20, 2019. We asked him what makes working with Qlik particularly interesting from a user perspective. Here are his answers:

  • Qlik is easy to use, there is no need to create elaborate roles or categories
  • Qlik works in real-time, i.e. the processing speed is extremely high
  • Hidden Insights are very easily available and thus detect possible inconsistencies
  • you can easily create your own reports and dashboards via drag and drop

Robert Fleming addresses the topic of data competence: Decisions that were not made on the basis of data are not fundamentally wrong decisions, but they lack a provable basis. Robert Fleming and Qlik would like to change this and teach higher data competence at all levels of the company. To this end, Qlik goes to universities and supports the topic of data literacy already in education.

Robert Schmitz of Qlik confirms

A fitting statement by Robert Schmitz, General Manager Central & Eastern Europe:

“Data literacy is now as important as reading and writing. Data gives weight to arguments and helps to make better decisions. This is becoming more and more important, because in everyday life we are dealing with an ever-increasing amount of data – and it is becoming more and more necessary to deal with it competently. In times of fake news and data manipulation, it is crucial to process information in a profound and clean way in order to create transparency and clarity”.

Qlik’s approach is to enable decisions based on data not only at the management level, but in all departments and levels, and to close this gap through a kind of self-service BI.

In our opinion a great approach! However, the term self-service should not be overestimated. The experts should still be on board when setting up the BI tools. Specialist departments should not be left alone or have to get the expertise of the experts. This is the only way to ensure that the reports and dashboards then also provide generally valid information and a basis for decision-making for the company.

Picture: Qlik


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